Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon and Outfit Post

On this lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon, the man, the cat (seen above lounging in a sunbeam), and I are enjoying the 61 degree temperatures. Yesterday was 79 degrees! But tomorrow is going to be 53 degrees and then rain next week. You just gotta love the 'yo-yo' weather that is spring! I am ready for warmer days but I just have to survive the ever-increasing pollen count! For example, the local count for the DC area on Wednesday was in the 'moderate
range and by yesterday afternoon, it was in the 'high' category!

This is a looking-upwards view of a tree in my front yard. Despite the beauty of trees in bloom, my allergies are going haywire! I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and got a shot and a prescription for methylprednisolone.
Even though I feel so much better than I did earlier this week, I am still sneezing and my eyes are still a bit itchy! However, by this coming Wednesday (ie when I finish my prescription) I should be back to normal. I am looking forward to running outdoors again! The treadmill is boring!

So, today the man and I decided to treat ourselves and order Domino's pizza and I so sorry we did! It was dismal. I do not eat pizza often so I was really disappointed. Nevertheless, we each had one piece and then threw the rest out. I then made a cup of ginger tea with honey to calm the icky feeling in my belly.
After my tea, I tidied the house and checked on my hibiscus that I left outside all day yesterday and overnight. My poor plant has been indoors all winter and I wanted to give 'her' some direct sunlight and fresh air. I think 'she' looks happy!
When I got home after work on Thursday, I opened my mailbox and saw that my new Freddies of Pinewood jeans arrived! I bought them from a seller on ebay. They were 45.00 USD and they arrived super fast! I had to order the 30 waist since the 28 were out of stock. The 26 waist would have fit but due to my 'ample posterior,' the 34 inch hips would have been waaay to small. I wish the jeans came in 26 waist and 37 hips and I would be set!

In an effort to shrink the jeans to fit, I washed them three times in hot water and then put them in the dryer. After washing and drying, my Freddies are still a bit big in the waist and seat. I wonder if I can have them taken in at my local tailor. What do you think, seamstresses?

So, here is me outside earlier this afternoon in my Freddies:
 Outfit Breakdown:
-Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
-Black and white checkered short-sleeve cotton button-down from H&M
-Black wool blend cropped 50s cardigan bought from Bygones Vintage in Richmond, Virginia.
-Red canvas belt made by me.
-1950s black and white saddle shoes.
-1950s brown and yellow American Optical Sunglasses
-Vintage red carved bakelite screw-back earrings
-Modern-made red rhinestone and oxidized metal butterfly brooch (gift from my mother-in-law)
Here is an upclose view. There is that tired, allergy-tinged face again! I am wearing my new Julie Hewett Rouge Noir lipstick. My hair is in rolls. I can finally notice that my hair starting to get longer. Instead of getting trims every 6 weeks, I have been getting them at every 12. I would my hair long enough to do more styles, especially a proper 40s up-do!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Your Freddies look great I just got a pair a few weeks ago and am still unsure of them I am short and they get really high on my torso not sure about the look on me.....yours look fabulous. Hope your allergies give you a break soon.

  2. Thank you for the comments and compliment, Living Vintage! Maybe you can get your Freddies tailored. I think I need to inquire if I can get mine taken in the waist and seat. I want them to fit a bit better.

  3. What an adorable outfit - you look great! You're so tiny...37" hips are hardle "ample" from my perspective.

    Sorry you have to deal with allergy problems when it's so gorgeous in DC right now. It's actually pretty springy in Minnesota too - there's green grass under all that snow!

  4. I think everyone else has Spring except for us: I can't believe the blooms on your tree!! I was just happy today to see that our grass was kind of sort of looking a little green. I can not wait to ditch my tired winter wardrobe!

    The Freddies look amazing and score on the price! I have contemplated getting a pair for myself, but have feared the fit - I've always had terrible luck with pants due to my crazy hip to waist ratio (hence having to sew everything!).

  5. Susan,

    Thanks for the comments! I feel like I have a big bum because my waist is 25.5-26 inches but my hips are 37 inches. My friends lovingly call me "bubble butt." I kid you not! lol!

    The weather is lovely and as I type this, my allergies are getting better. The prescription works quickly but it makes me a little jumpy. Overall, I cannot complain. It could be worse and if allergies are all I can complain about, I am lucky!

    I hope the weather is spring-like soon in Minnesota. My husband has family in Winona and his aunt told me that this winter was quite snowy!

  6. Barbara,

    I hope your spring season comes soon! The tree blooms literally exploded overnight! A few warm days and boom, bloom-tastic trees!

    Thanks for the compliment about my Freddies! They are a bit loose in the waist. I have just under a 26 inch waist but my hip is 37 inches. So, I can relate! I hope I can get my Freddies tailored. I do not know how jean alterations work but I am going to inquire for sure.

  7. Ewwww Dominos does make really gross pizza,
    just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

  8. Gloria Alex,

    Lol! Yes,it is true! Domino's is evil. The husband and I decided to try the "new and improved" pizza and all we got was 'gross and painful' pizza! My stomach is still not right!

    I amazed that any 'hole in the wall,' pizza-by-the-slice joint in NYC can beat the pants off a major chain like Domino's, Pizza Hut, or Papa John's any day of week! You'd think Domino's could do better but no, they are worse than McDonald's! Never again!

    If I have a pizza fix, I will wait until I go visit my cousins in NYC!

  9. They should be able to take your jeans in just fine. It's only an inch or so that you need, which can be taken in at the back waist very easily :) You'll be fine.
    One should always buy pants that fit at the widest part of is always possible to remove fabric from an item, it is very difficult to ADD fabric ;)

  10. I think the jeans look great but I understand needing a proper fit, I find vintage jeans have a more generous hip measurement, nearly all my vintage jeans are more like your proportions - though mine are MUCH larger!

    I've tried Freddies but they just don't work on me, wrong proportions :o( Still I have plenty pairs of vintage jeans so I do ok!

  11. I too have major allergy problems! Its really crappy but thank goodness for allergy medication - pass me the drugs!
    About Freddies - I have a pair that I don't wear as they just don't fit right. I am a 'funny' size (arn't most women?!) being a 26" waist and a 39" hip. So the ones I have fit the hip, but are really baggy on my waist and look weird. They dont do a size that will fit me either - boo. I must decide if I should dart them or just sell them!
    I really struggle with high waist stuff. I ALWAYS have to dart the waist. Good job I have a sewing machine!

  12. It's good to hear I'm not alone in the struggle to find well fitting jeans! My problem is I don't really have a waist, back in the day my figure was 'boyish' these days I describe it as 'solid'! lol
    So everything is either too big on the hips or too big at the waist *sigh*
    As to tailoring denim is a nightmare to machine sew unless you have the right needles so I would say definitly try a local tailor.

  13. Rueby,

    That is good to know! I have a great tailor who does amazing work on all my vintage clothing! I will bring my Freddies to him before I leave for Viva.

    You are so right when it comes to bigger vs smaller in regards to clothing alterations. I recently got cute 50s pink sundress but the bust is too tight even though the waist is perfect. The dress is a 36 bust but I am a 37. I think I am just going to buy a minimizer bra and see if that helps. I flipped the dress inside out and noticed that there is no room in the bust darts to let out! The seams are super small!

  14. Fiona,

    I think Freddies look better on taller gals. I am 5'3 and the seat area is a bit long. I can see a gal with long legs really rocking these jeans! I think if I have them taken in the waist, they will look better even if the seat is poofy.

  15. Clare,

    Your measurements sound close to mine! I always have to buy larger size skirts/pants and then have them taken in the waist.

    I bet if you can dart the waist on your jeans, they will look cute! Just wear a cute fitted top with shorter hem and the bigger cut of the jean will look more balanced.

  16. Miss Magpie,

    It sounds like my sister has a figure like you! She is 100 pounds, 5'4 and has a angular frame. Most trousers and pencil skirts looks smashing on her! She grabs the smallest size on the rack, puts it on, and she's done. I, however, am different. I always need to buy a bigger size and then have it taken it. I wear a 2 waist but a 4/6 in the hips. I buy a 4/6 skirt and then have it taken it in the waist. I am also short and many pants are too long in the seat. I feel like the crotch is between my knees! lol

  17. Good grief! Do these jeans fit anyone? Glad to be having this conversation though, I am now firmly convinced that the Freddies will not work for me :( My proportions are very similar to Dolly's: 12 -13" difference between my waist and hips. Tara, if you had to buy a 30" waist just to fit, I can only imagine how much I would be taking in! Think I would be better off just starting from scratch at that point. They are so cute though!!

    And I second that about chain pizzas, yuck! I guess we are somewhat lucky to live in a college town, the local options for great pizza are astounding. Although we have been known to travel all the way to NYC just for the pizza! Ok, and other stuff too ;)

  18. Aah, Domino's and their brilliant and false advertising. My hubby and I got caught in the exact same trap as you. Hey look, honest commercial? Let's give them a try. End result - upset stomach and discarded dinner. Oh well, fool us once...

    As it's been stated - I think you'll have no problems with the jeans, I get the most random items taken in all the time. As for jeans, I've been sticking to Lucky brand, since they fit me without any issues. Every other pair I try always have something going on. I need to grab some courage and try something else!

    Mmmmm, NYC pizza. I can't wait to have some of that!

  19. I also have allergy problems added to my migraines and other junk. so I really feel for you.
    you got beautiful curves amor, you look so cute, always love your hair.
    Dominoes sucks and Papa Johns too!

  20. Barbara,

    I think Freddies works on curvy, tall gals! lol! I am 5'3 so I need most things tailored! I need a 26 waist in a 37 waist. But, I plan to take my jeans to tailor before Viva.

    As for pizza, you are so lucky you have a wealth of pizza places at your disposal! Here in the DC suburbs, we have chain everything, including pizza. Joy. Oh well. I will save my pizza cravings for NYC when I go visit my family in Queens and raid the vintage shops in the East Village!

  21. Biddygirl,

    I guess Domino's has an amazing firm handling their PR and advertising! I was so fooled too! I will never order another chain pizza again!

    I am taking my jeans to my tailor before I leave for Viva. Next time I buy a pair of Freddies, I will get the 28 waist and shrink them a bit with a hot wash in the washing machine.

  22. La Dama,

    Muchas gracias por tus cumplidos! I feel much better today! I hope you feel better soon too!

    As for pizza, nothing beats real NYC pizza from a corner deli! The chains like Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, etc are just a waste! Que lastima! Oh well. lol! I will just keep my pizza fix when I visit my primos en NYC!

  23. Just Love your outfit.And your hair is so cute.I have the same problem with freddies jeans.But i find them so comfortable.I just need to order longer in the legnth.I wear a 26 waist,i think i'm 34 hips not sure.But my cuffs are only big when they are brand new and worn before washing.I have this strange thng for big cuffs and I hate when i sit and my ankles posted on my blog about my issue just the other day.You should be able to alter them.I had my dungarees/overalls altered cuz the bib or flap in the front went up to my chin and the straps were super

  24. I was just going to compliment how fabulous you look. I love your hair style and you just look adorable -- allergies or no.

    I read all the comments about the Freddies jeans so I need to throw my two cents in as well. I was considering buying a pair but was worried about sizing too. I have the opposite problem to you -- my waist is thick, hips are narrow in comparison so who knows how Freddies might look on me. I did just find a pair of Stop Staring Gatsby Jeans which have just a smidgen of spandex in them so I'm hoping they will work out.