Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VLV Trip Planning Finally Done!

Today, the man and I finally completed our Viva Las Vegas vacation details! We will be flying out of Dulles on the 20th and return on the 25th! We will also be staying at the Venetian! I have been to Vegas three times and I have stayed at the Tropicana, Caesars, and the JW Marriott in Summerlin. I have visited the Venetian during each visit but I have never stayed there as a guest! I am so excited!!!

I am looking forward to shopping at the Canal Shoppes and having a margarita paired with some amazing guacamole at Taqueria Canonita!

Part of me is a little disappointed that I am not staying at the Orleans (where Viva is being held) but that is okay. I am looking forward to all the wonders Vegas offers and the Rockabilly fun that is Viva! I also hope to meet other vintage bloggers! We really need to plan a meet up for sure!

With less than a month left before Viva, all I need to do is pack, get my party dresses dry-cleaned, get my hair done, get the brows done, and do the nails with a fresh coat of CND Shellac!

Hope to see you there!!


  1. Yes but there is a HUGE Sephora at the Venetian, so I'm sure you'll be happy!

    It is nice to stay at the hotel the event is at but still the Venetian is a pretty nice alternative eh?

  2. I'm thinking if we don't plan to meet up, we may never find one another! Everything I'm reading makes the whole thing sound overwhelming.
    Since the evening agendas look particularly full, I wonder if anyone would be interested in a Saturday afternoonish gathering?
    The Neon Museum isn't currently open for general admission, but they will schedule private tours with advanced notice. If we could get enough people together, it would make for a great vintage blogger get-together.
    The Atomic Testing Museum also has great vintage flair!
    Or just go the easy route and pick a place to meet for dinner...

  3. I have been to VLV 4 times and I always have found it hard to do anything other than be part of the VLV I guess I just get swept up in all the energy that is VLV. I would set up a meeting there at the Orleans because you may find yourself not wanting to leave. I wish I could be there and meet up with you all but alas I can't be there for a few years. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

  4. Ready ret set to rock and roll! Have fun ;-)

  5. Fiona,

    Yes! I have been to that Sephora three times and it is absolute makeup heaven! I could lose myself in there for hours!

    This will be my first stay at the Venetian. I am excited!

  6. Barbara,

    That sounds like a good idea! I really want to see the neon museum and the atomic museum too! I think that we may bump into each other during the VLV events too. I cannot wait to shake a tailfeather on the dancefloor! I just need to convince the man to dance with me. He is just too shy and thinks he cannot dance! lol

  7. Living Vintage,

    I think I need to plan what I want to do to make sure I get it all in! The town itself is amazing and the VLV events all sound super fun too! I want to dance, do a few hours at the pool party, go the neon museum, do the car show, dance some more, eat, and shop! I am currently working on my outfit list. I hope the weather is good as well!

  8. Thank you, Bitty Boss! I am excited!

  9. Fijate, that I got married at the Venetian y no me fije que habia una Sephota store in there.
    pretty hard to be running around to Hotels.