Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink and Purple Eye Look with Opal Pink Glitter!

In continuance of my Viva Las Vegas evening/dance eye makeup series, today I present to you a third shadow look using purple, pink, and white opal pink microglitter. On my lips, I am again wearing Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense Satin Lipstick in #45 (a blue-based, cool-toned, cherry red).

Here are the brushes/tools I used:
From left to right: MAC 213, MAC 242, MAC 230, MAC 217, MAC 214, MAC 227, MAC 223, and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

 The above picture shows some of the products used. From top to bottom: Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base, Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner in Black, MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black, MAC Pro Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, MAC Pro Eyeliner Mixing Medium, and Trish McEvoy Shadow Transformer Liquid.

Here are the shadows:
From left to right: MAC Pro shadow in India Ink, MAC Crystal, MAC Pink Freeze, and MAC Crystal Avalanche.

I also used MAC's Stars n' Rockets:
 And MAC's shadow in Yogurt:
And here is MAC Pro's Reflects Transparent Pink:
 Here is a swatch detailing the Chromagraphic Pencil's color:
To start, I applied the Nars Eyeshadow primer on my entire eyelid, ie from lashes to brow bone. I dampened my MAC 213 brush with Trish McEvoy's Shadow Transformer and then dipped the brush onto Stars n Rockets shadow. I applied the shadow on my lower eyelids. The shadow transformer makes sheer shadows more intense. If you do not have a shadow transformer liquid, Visine works wonders too!

Using a MAC 230 brush, I applied MAC's India Ink (a deep, matte cool-toned purple) onto my crease and then applied a light wash of MAC shadow in Crystal on top with a MAC 217 brush. To make the crease shadow look extra smooth, I blended it with a MAC 227 brush.

On my brow bone, I applied a blend of MAC shadows in Crystal Avalanche and Yogurt. I did a thinner version of cat eye liner using the Chanel liquid liner. I did not want to create a thicker line because I wanted to properly showcase the glitter.

In order to properly adhere the glitter to my lower lids, I mixed a tiny dot of MAC Pro Eyeliner Mixing Medium (a clear gel) with the MAC Pro glitter on the back of my hand and I put it on my lower lids using a MAC 242 brush. On my lower lids, I applied the Chromagraphic pencil in Rich Purple. To set the liner and make it look less stark, I applied a light amount of Stars n Rockets using a MAC 214 brush.  On the corners of my inner eyes, I applied a touch of MAC Pink Freeze shadow (a frosty light pink) as a highlight. To finish, I curled lashes using my curler and then coated both sets of lashes with MAC Opulash Mascara.

Here is a detail view:
And another:
Interesting note, MAC's Stars n Rockets shadow looks pink in the shadow pan but in certain flashes of light and when photographed, the shadow looks lilac or lavender in tone.

I took another picture under the natural light in my kitchen and the pink tones are more evident:

I have been enjoying the creation of this eye looks and I have really been enjoying your feedback and comments! I hope you all like this latest one!

My next look is going to be a silver look with silver glitter! Viva is almost three weeks away and I am starting to get really jazzed!


  1. Very pretty- love the opally sparkle.

  2. Oh how gorgeous! And your eyebrows are uh-may-zing!!! Sooo perfect! I'm jealous ;)
    x Molly

  3. have you ever tried Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae? it is AMAZING and you would love the results with pigments and glitters -

    I love glitter looks - my inner 12 year old is satisfied ;)

  4. I looks fab, great choice of colours. I fear my eyes are too deep set for dark shadow. xx

  5. I've been enjoying the series even though these are all far fancier than I ever do anymore. But the looks you're creating are grand!

  6. Your eyebrows are immaculate! I need to work on mine a bit more! Great color palettes, I haven't gotten to comment on the other looks but they're gorgeous as well and I know you're going to look fab at VLV!

  7. Thank you, Perdita! The opal creates an amazing effect on eyes but it can get everywhere! One time the lid on the container of glitter got loose and glitter was all over my makeup bag and then the floor! My poor cat got glitter on her paws and her tail (I missed a spot cleaning the floor)! lol

  8. Thank you, Miss MollyDoll! I have an amazing esthetician who is a friend of mine and she has been tinting and waxing my brows for four years. I have naturally pale blond (practically white) eyebrows and I need to get them colored and shaped every 6 weeks. In between appointments, I used MAC's brow marker to maintain their shape and pigment.

  9. Shrinky Inky,

    I visited the Fyrinnae site and they said it was closed. Sad! I have read some great reviews and Erin from Every Branch blog gave it high praise as well. Maybe I can find the epoxy on ebay.

    And yes, I agree! My inner little girl adores glitter too! I may be almost 36 but I do not care! I am going to rock out the glitter if the occasion calls for it!

  10. Lady Cherry,

    Thank you for the comments! I think that deep set eyes can do darker looks if they use light versions of deeper shadows. For example, instead of black, use charcoal or mid-tone grey. Instead of purple or eggplant, you can wear mid-tone purples like MAC Purple Haze. Instead of espresso hues or dark browns, you can wear colors like MAC Copperplate or MAC Omega.

  11. Thank so much for the comments and compliments, Tasha! I usually do a 40s nude eye most of the time and put the focus on black lashes, defined brows, and red lips. However, for going out or special events like VLV, I will do a intense, glittery shadow look for evening.

    Btw, I just adore your glasses in your icon picture! I have a couple of pairs of 50s cat eye glasses that I have fitted with my prescription! I want to collect more but I need to be good with spending. I could go nuts when it comes to buying vintage frames! I have an addiction! :)

  12. Thank you so much for the kind comments, CurlyChronicles! I get my brows professionally tinted and waxed every 6 weeks and I use MAC's brow pen between appointments to maintain shape and color. I was born with pale, pale brows! For years, I used pencil to completely fill them in. I look back at myself in high school and college photos and I cringe! I was venturing into "Mommie Dearest" aka Joan Crawford territory! lol

  13. Your beautiful cejas are what I am drawn to.
    I need to get me some Mac eyeshadows.
    I am loving that glittery pink eyeshadow.
    you are working it Mama.

  14. Thanks Tara! If you love eyeglasses, just wait until Viva. You'll get lots of change to oooh and aaah at the Allyn Scura booth. I am with you, I swear I would take home a purse load of their frames if I could. I have a serious weakness for cat eyes. :)

  15. Muchas gracias, La Dama! My cejas are all thanks to my esthetician, Gina! I also rely on MAC's Penultimate Brow marker for maintaining shape and color.

  16. Tasha,

    I visited the Allyn Scura website and from what I saw, I will definitely make sure to check out their wares at Viva! Right now I have two pairs of 50s cat eye glasses and one pair of sunglasses. I had another pair of sunglasses but they broke. I could definitely collect more for sure! A girl can never have too many accessories!