Thursday, March 17, 2011

Julie Hewett Lipstick "Rouge Noir" Review!

In early February, I visited my hometown of Richmond, Virginia for a few days. During my visit, I went to Carytown on a chilly afternoon. After buying a few vintage goodies at Bygones Vintage Clothing, I spotted Le Visage Makeup Studio and decided to check it out.
As some of you may know, I am a sucker for all things makeup, especially lipstick! Le Visage is a cosmetic boutique that specializes in small, niche brands like Julie Hewett Los Angeles. Julie Hewett was the head makeup artist for the film "Pearl Harbor." During production, Julie realized the modern lipstick shades in her kit were unable to adequately recreate the vibrant lipstick colors of the 1940s.  So, Julie created her own shades and thus, the Noir Collection was born! The Noir Collection ($22.50 USD each) contains five shades of highly-pigmented red tones ranging from burgundy, crimson, pink-red, warm red, coral red to frosty nude.

While browsing in the shop, I spotted the Julie Hewett display and I instantly fell in LOVE with Femme Noir (a pink-based red) and Rouge Noir (a warm-based red).  The vivid colors and the elegant gold tubes just screamed "vintage!" I tried on each and wanted to buy both of them! However, only the Femme Noir was available and the Rouge Noir was out of stock. I bought Femme Noir and was put on the wait list for the Rouge lipstick.

If you want to read my Femme Noir review, click here:
So, after waiting for over a month, Le Visage Makeup Studio called me last week to notify me that Rouge Noir was finally in stock! They mailed lipstick to me (and did not charge me addition for shipping) and it arrived yesterday! Rouge Noir is a beautiful warm, vibrant red. All you need is one swipe on each lip for fully opaque, saturated color.
 I think the color is very similar to Besame Cosmetics' Classic Color Lipstick in "Red Hot Red." The tone is tomato-based and Jordana's lip pencil in "Sedona Red" matches perfectly!

Here is a swatch on the back of my right hand:
Here are side-by-side swatches of Rouge Noir and Femme Noir:
Notice how warm Rouge Noir (the left) looks compared to Femme Noir on the right?

Here I am, in my bathroom, wearing Rouge Noir. (Sorry for the tired look! My allergies are in full swing and making my life miserable! Darn you, spring!)

So, if you want a full-stop, vintage red that is bright and warm-toned, then give Julie Hewett's Rouge Noir a try!


  1. I'd never heard of this brand until you mentioned it before, it looks really good, although probably only available in some exclusive store in London here, which is not too much of a problem as I'm not far away but it's finding it!

  2. Lovely colour, and even nicer packaging. I'd be constantly reapplying just to show it off to people! x

  3. Definitely going to check this one out. Straight Talking Mama - you can get it in the UK from, priced £15.

  4. the Rogue Noir looks lovely on you. I have been wanting to check out the Julie Hewitt line.

  5. You look very nice Tara (Betty) *hehe*
    The lipstick shade looks so nice on you.

  6. Fiona,

    When it comes to vintage-esque red lipstick, nothing compares to Julie Hewett and Besame Cosmetics! I used to adore MAC's reds but now that I have worn both brands, there is no going back!

    Julie Hewett's Noir Collection reds are amazing and well worth the 22.50 USD! If you would like to view the other shades, click here:

    Five shades are fully pigmented and three are sheer. I have not tried the sheer lipsticks. I, for one, prefer bold, solid color! However, I know many women are afraid of intense, matte reds and I think the sheer formula may be more wearable.

  7. Penny Dreadful,

    The Julie Hewett gold tubes are indeed works of art! I feel like such a lady holding the tube in my hand! I also love Besame Cosmetics' packaging! Again, pure vintage glam!

  8. Nicole Needles,

    If you love highly-pigmented red lipsticks with a semi-matte texture, then you will adore Julie Hewett Noir reds! The colors are nothing like I have seen before. I have tried many reds from MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Yves Saint Laurent, Make Up For Ever, Revlon, NYX to Cle de Peau and none of them have the brilliance, color, and texture like Julie Hewett or Besame!

  9. Living Vintage,

    Thanks for the compliment! :) You will love the Julie Hewett reds for sure! You can view the other colors here:

  10. Thank you for the compliment, Melzaelf! :)

  11. oooh, I love your lipstick revies amor.
    I been wanting to try that look great to me.

  12. Muchas gracias, La Dama! Me encanto your maquillaje reviews too! Julie Hewett y Besame producen los mejores colores!