Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visiting Las Vegas-The Neon Museum and Fremont Street

I recently posted some travel tips and information about Las Vegas and thanks to a great comment from Clare of Dolly Cool Clare Blog, I would like to add two great places to visit!

The Las Vegas Strip may be the modern-day hotspot, but old Las Vegas, ie Fremont Street, is a must see and experience! I, for one, have never been. I drove by the area in the daytime back in 2003. I was on a business trip and sadly, I did not have time. I will definitely make sure to visit when I go to Viva next month!

Another fun, vintage attraction in Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. This museum is located at the east end of the Fremont Street Experience. You need to schedule tours at least a week in advance. The museum in a non-profit organization and they accept donations (minimum is 15.00 USD).
One highlight boasted by the museum is the Neon Graveyard. This collection of 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s neon signs showcase the grand eras of Vegas' past and remind us of  the glamorous decadence that once was Las Vegas. I do enjoy the modern-day Strip but I prefer the vintage styling of old Vegas! The new Vegas with its huge, sprawling casinos and animated signs (some even look like TVs) seems flat and soulless. I adore the kitschy neon of the 40s and 50s! I especially signs like the one shown above! That shoe is perfection!

Like the main Neon Museum, you need to make an appointment/tour to tour the graveyard.


  1. The signs are amazing...Old Vegas impressed me more than new Vegas, but I just like my old stuff! I bought a lovely coffee table book when I was there - Vegas then, and now. Its sad to see what WAS there - amazing 50s signs and hotels...nearly all gone! :'(
    The most 'retro' hotel on the strip I found is the Flamingo, and the air con smells of coconut - lush! :)

  2. Clare,

    I agree about the older stuff being so much better! The vintage signs just seem more lively! The new ones are stiff and lifeless. I also love older homes and buildings so it makes sense to me. In 2006, I stayed at the Caesars and the Flamingo was across the street. I just loved the pink neon! I had no idea the air was coconut! That is neat! I have stayed at the Tropicana (very 80s and tired looking), the Caesars (nicer but it had a 80s/90s feel) and the JW Marriott in Summerlin. The JW was 15 minutes or so away from Vegas and it seemed more like a pretty hotel with a casino in it. It really did not have much glamour and glitz. The food was really nice! The Italian restaurant was to die for!

  3. I also love the old vegas, that vintage heel is amazing.

  4. I went to the Neon Graveyard last year during VLV and it was 100% worth the donation required as well as the few hours away from the car show.

  5. I've been to Vegas so many times and still haven't visited the Neon Graveyard, that shoe is amazing! Next time I will put it on my list of to do!

  6. I would love to go to Las Vegas but I have never had the money to go. So if I ever get the money to go these will be on my list of things to do. Thanks

  7. La Dama: I love that zapata (shoe!) I wish Vegas still had the old, vintage style!

    Nicole: I hope your pregnancy is going well! That is good to know that the museum is fun! I can just tell from the pictures that it would be so up my alley (I went to art school).

    Fiona: That shoe is amazing! I wish I could find real shoes like that! lol!

    Twinklez: The casinos/hotels usually have good deals on rooms and you can find good prices for dining but the airline tickets can be high. Heck, airline prices are getting crazy no matter where you go!

  8. The Neon graveyard has been on my to-do list for ages! Last time we were out it was closed, so maybe this go around.
    I'm terribly disappointed with the canopy that's been erected over Fremont St. When we were there last, there was a Nascar event going on, so we had cars zooming over head instead of the night sky. May have colored my opinion slightly, but I'm so glad I was there way back when and have my memories of how it used to be ;)
    Another item on my must see list:

  9. Barbara,

    Thank you for the link! I hope the museum is open when we are at Viva because it looks very, very cool!

    As for Fremont, I saw a few images and I was wondering why there appeared to be a canopy over the area. How odd. I visited the website for the Fremont Street Experience and it was all centered around some college basketball stuff. Ugh! Nevertheless, I would still like to visit. I just hope it's not masked by modern distractions like sports!

  10. The canopy indeed covers the whole street :( and has a huge video display. So you have this constant din and images flashing above your head. I guess I shouldn't complain though, at least they did tear it all down! It's absolutely worth the visit though, if only to get photos of the iconic neon signs!

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