Monday, June 7, 2010

Saddle Shoes!

Here is me, wearing a pair of black and white saddle shoes I bought from in 1999! I think I paid around $80.00 USD. These were vintage 50s deadstock and for 11 years, I have worn these many times and they are still in great condition! Not only are these shoes super cute, they are amazingly comfortable. I often wear my saddles on days when I need a 'break' from high heels. I think these shoes go great with pencil skirts, circle skirts, a-line skirts, rayon dresses, capri pants, and rolled up jeans!

I loved these shoes so much that I bought another pair of saddles from Muffy's. I ended up getting a 1940s pair of brown and white saddles! I recently visited the website, and saw that the prices are still great and the stock looks like it has gotten even bigger! The store owner, Muffy, is a doll and she has a true passion for all things saddle shoe!

Here is the link:

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  1. I love your saddle shoes! I wear them too.I alway think they look best with white bobby socks like you have on.