Thursday, September 16, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Review-Prolong Red: UPDATED- 4 Hours of Wear Later

Today in MAC stores, the new Pro Longwear Lipcreme was released! There are 12 shades, ranging from nude, orange, red, bright pink, and cranberry. These lipsticks retail for $16.00 USD. The standard MAC lipstick costs $14.50 but they are .10 ounces and theses are .12 ounces. So, even though the cost for the new Lipcremes are higher, you do get more product.

Before this release, I had been browsing the Internet looking for reviews and swatches. After some research, I decided I wanted "Prolong," a true red with a slight blue undertone. The color reminds me a lot of MAC's Ruby Woo. 
The tube is longer and skinnier than the standard lipstick:
For those familiar with MAC's now-discontinued Mattenes, the Lipcreme features a slanted tip:
Here is a swatch on my inner right arm:
And here is me, wearing the Prolong red shade:
I am wearing my glasses today. I was feeling too lazy to put my contacts in this morning.

Anyway, here is my overall review:

MAC claims these lipsticks are long-lasting for up to 12 hours. I have read others' reviews stating that the average wear is about 3-4 hours tops. I will post the longevity of this product later. I have only been wearing it for about an hour and so far, so good.

The formula goes on super creamy and then it quickly dries down to a firmer, slightly tackier feel. I would not call the sensation, "bad" or "problematic" but I suspect that the formula may dry out a bit throughout the course of the workday. Whenever I wear the dry, matte Ruby Woo, I usually put on Nivea lipbalm on top and I am fine. If my lips get drier as the day goes on, I may try the Nivea.

The color is amazing and I really love it. It has a great combination of bright and deep. The blue undertones are evident but I would classify this as more of a neutral that leans cool.

In conclusion, I will have to give this lipstick a few more hours to see how it performs but like I said earlier, I am impressed thus far.

So, if you are looking for a lipstick that is intense in color payoff, long-lasting, and matte; then give Pro Longwear Lipcremes a try!


I have now been wearing this lipcreme in "Prolong" for 4 hours now. I just had to touch up my lip liner and this is how my lips look now:
I have not re-applied at all! My lips still feel the same. They do not feel drier nor is the lipstick feathering, bleeding, or pilling up on the inside of my lips! I have to say MAC did a GREAT job on the Lipcreme formula.

Here is more positive evidence showing the longevity of this lipstick: I just blotted my lips on a piece of tissue and look at how little product actually transferred onto the suface:
 Any standard lipstick would have left more behind.

So, girls, what are you waiting for? Go check out the Lipcremes!


  1. ooh I'd be interested to know, I find Ruby Woo the best long lasting lipstick ever BUT it is dry so I might try the nivea lip balm trick, thanks for this!

  2. Does it smear? Like I mentioned before, I smear my lipstick easily, and it gets on my chin.

  3. Great review. I have several MAC lipsticks in different red shades. They are usually my favourite for a nice vintage style red. I will be keen to try this one now.

  4. Straight Talking Mama,

    The Nivea trick does help with the drier mattes. The one I have is called "Nivea- Kiss of Color" and it comes in a light, red-pinky colored tube with the blue Nivea written on it. The balm comes in a swivel stick and has a slight red shade once applied. Therefore, I feel it is a good match for my red lipsticks that tend to need a slick of moisture.

  5. Kim,

    I just did a smear test and yes, it does smear/slide off but not like most lipsticks. The lipcreme formula is not transfer resistant but it is indeed long-lasting. So far, the drier feel has not been an issue. After an hour and a half+, my lips feel fine. The tackier sensation is still there but it has not gotten worse or weird.

  6. Vintage Belle,

    I am very attached to MAC reds myself. I love Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, and Russian Red. I like these lipcremes a lot so far. The Prolong red still is going strong after nearly two hours of wear.

  7. Thanks for the review! I was curious about these after seeing MAC's most recent promo email. I'm pretty loyal to my Lip Ink but I still love to try other red lipsticks--this one is now on my list :-)

  8. That is a gorgeous colour on you!Thanks for the great review,this is going on my to try list:)

  9. Jitterbug Doll,

    I think this lipstick would be amazing for shows, events, and photo shoots because touching-up seems to be a non-issue! All you have to do is apply, line the lips, and you are set for at least 4 fours of flawless wear.

  10. It's a great color, maybe I'll try it out for nights that I'm not going to eat or my husband isn't trying to smooch me ;-)

  11. Mrs. Cleaver,

    Thanks for the compliments! If you like mattes that last, I think these lipcremes are a good investment for sure!

  12. Kim,

    I found that this lipstick lasted better than others when I ate dinner but I noticed that I did need to reapply afterwards. If you consume oil-laden food or anything cream-based, the lipstick will definitely come off. In addition, when the lipstick is "eaten" off, it wears off evenly.

    As for kissing, take a look at the tissue! It does transfer but barely so!

  13. They're only $14.50 in the US? My standard lipstick cost me $35(AU) here. Sigh. Haha, anyway, thanks for the review! I really need something long lasting that doesn't feel drier as my lips dry out easily once I've been wearing mine for 3 or 4 hours, anyway.
    -Andi x

  14. i am into a lipstick tt makes me feel like i am not wearing any (no oily feel), tt hardly leaves any stain on my teacup, yet very long-lasting. and one tt gives me the matte liplook.

    would u suggest matte ruby woo? or this prolong red prolongwear lipcreme?

    btw i like ur profile pic, i think u r one cool lady, a strong female! nice mole u have there! reminds me of lady gaga! (: hear from u soon!

    may i know if u can reply me at really appreciate it!