Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh The Possibilities! -Vintage Wallpaper and Linoleum

It is times like this that I realize I truly wish I had a time machine! I am currently renovating my bathrooms and boy-oh-boy I could go crazy with some vintage wallpaper, bathroom rugs, sinks, and tile!

Both my master bath and powder room need work. When I moved into my 1985-built home in 1996, my master bath was decked out in 80s plaid wallpaper and get this, a blue shag carpet! Talk about gross city! My powder room was coated in duck print wallpaper. This beige wallpaper was speckled with tiny navy ducks. The walls looked like the inside of the yellow raincoat I had when I was 10!

Needless to say, the plaid and ducks are now gone but my walls are bare. I want to re-do both bathrooms with 50s styling. My best friend is an interior designer and I know I am going to need her help.

I was browsing the Internet today and I found several websites offering vintage tile, wallpaper, and even linoleum.

One site I found, The Secondhand Rose, is located in Manhattan and their site is very fun. They offer wallpapers in several vintage patterns and linoleum flooring.

I want this wallpaper for my powder room:
I would love this wallpaper for my master bath:

I would also love to remove the vinyl flooring in my kitchen for this beauty:

 Again, if I was a millionaire, I would go nuts! I think I can do the wallpaper just in the powder room for now. The average price per double roll is $70.00 USD. My master bath is big so I will more than likely wait between projects.

Have your girls ever used vintage wallpapers or flooring? Where do you find your wares? Have you found modern made stuff with vintage styles/patterns?


  1. First let me tell You I absolutely LOVE your blog!!...and about wallpaper I go tho thriftstores, consignment shops, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc., etc. or Ebay, but at Ebay they are more expensive.

  2. Ooh I would like those wallpapers in my bathroom. Before we moved in the seller painted every room in this awful nicotine yellow color. I cant wait to repaint! But the hubby is gone so not sure when thatll happen.

  3. I have no experience with vintage wallpaper but a friend of mine is just about to use some that she found, which was originally used in a nightclub in the 40s in London it is sooooo amazing, I'll let you know how she gets on. However I do know she's doing a lot of tests on a small amount to check that the modern wall paper paste doesn't make the colour run in the very valuable wall paper!!

    I'm off to look at that website you mentioned about and dream of being rich :o)

  4. I wish I could help you out with where to find some cheaper wallpaper and flooring. It could be tough, if you truly want to use the real thing.

    If you're willing to be patient, I honestly think you could snatch up a good deal on eBay. Or if you go to enough estate sales, you might stumble upon an even better deal.

    I'm all for getting good deals - but sometimes when you find something that you fall in love with, like those wonderful wallpaper patterns you picked out - it's worth the splurge!

  5. I am loving the pink and aqua wallpaper with the birds! Our walls are all neutral colors, and hubby is much opposed to wallpaper unfortunately, so I did the next best thing, took some fabulous mid-century barkcloth curtains (aquas, pinks, brown and cream, sort of a french park theme with fountains and lamposts....) and made them into a shower curtain for our powder room. They look awesome, and can easily be changed if I ever, (unlikely) fall out of love with that color combo.


  6. Those wallpapers are GREAT! Have you looked at this site?
    It has ton's of resources!

  7. Thanks for the comments and tips, girls! I am going to keep looking for the best wallpaper (and the best price). I really love the pink and aqua design with the birds for the powder room but 70.00 USD is high! I am going to hit up eBay and the Retrorenovation links for sure.

    Also, why is it that most of our vintage wants are so expensive?! Not fair!