Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome Bobby Pin Find at Sally Beauty! Mini Bobby Pins!

Many of us who do vintage hairstyles often know that bobby pins (or kirby grips) are a MUST! Bobby pins are vital for pin curls, securing victory rolls, and rolling back those Bettie bangs (pompadour) on days we want a different look.

For years, I bought standard bobby pins (Goody) at the grocery store or pharmacy. These types are good for most styles but after a while, "run-of-the-mill' pins tend to snag hair or stretch out after several uses. I usually throw stretched pins out and grab a new one but again, it would stretch out and the little rubber tips on the end pop off and snag/pull my hair. In addition, my hair is very fine and standard pins have a tendency to slide out of my hair.  Also, when it comes to doing rolls and pompadours, most bobby pins tend to stick out (especially when I roll back my bangs) due to the lack of volume.

While I was in Sally Beauty yesterday buying a few things, I spotted a section of bobby pins. There were large sizes, standard sizes, and mini sizes, as seen above. I have never used mini pins and the price, $2.49 for a 36-count tin, made me to want to try them.

The MetaGrip Mini Bob Pins' description states that the pins are tighter and snag-free. Well, today I styled my hair in rolls and not only do these mini bobby pins hide nicely, they really grip my hair amazingly well! I feel like a gale force wind couldn't even ruin my 'do!

Here is how the mini pin size compares to a standard pin:
(The vintage picture is actually from a reprint of a vintage ad that I adhered and then varnished onto a mini Altoids tin. I use it to store extra pins and I keep it in my bag in case of a 'hair emergency.')

So, if you are looking for small-sized bobby pins that work wonders on fine and/or shorter hair, the MetaGrip Bob Pins from Sally Beauty are a must have in your hairstyling kit!


  1. oooh they are great, wonder if we can get them over here!

  2. Fiona,

    I hope so! If they have mini ones, then they are more than likely the same type of grip/pins these are! I have super fine hair and I need a tighter and/or smaller bobby pin because the regular ones tend to fall out of my hair!

  3. I am so buying these. Thanks for the tip!

  4. You are welcome, Lisa! I love them for my vintage styles! They grip so tightly too!

  5. These are great! I've been using them for years to do my front roll and pin curls. They are so easy to hide too. I rarely use the regular size ones anymore!

  6. I love those, it's all I use in my hair as well. I bought a large size container and probably will never run out!

  7. Gosh!! Why do I not have a Sallys?
    Everyone is always talking about it and I feel as though I live in a rock. LOL

  8. Holly,

    So, you use the mini pins too? Awesome! Your hair always looks so amazing! I do not see myself ever using the goody brand again. They are a bit too long and they stretch out!

  9. Shrinky Inky,

    I got a small 36 count container to start and now that I love they way they hold up my styles, I am going to get more.

  10. Melzaelf,

    I think Sally's has locations in Canada and if not, you can order from their online store. I saw the pins, in all sizes, available online. I am lucky that I have a store about 15 minutes away.