Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Christmas Gifts! Bakelite, Blue Heaven, and a Radio!

This past Christmas I really lucked out when it came to vintage goodies! I was so pleased with what family gave me! It makes me wonder what I did to deserve what I got!

My mother-in-law gave me two beautiful bakelite bangles! One is a red swirled piece and the other is a carved butterscotch beauty!
My mother-in-law also got me a Blue Heaven serving bowl to match the four cereal bowls I bought last summer:
Then to my complete surprise and amazement, my brother-in-law bought me a late 1940s vintage Olympic bakelite AM radio! Apparently, the previous owner replaced the backing, replaced all the tubes, and repaired a few components inside. I have it in my kitchen!
Here is an upclose view of the dial:
Since the radio is AM, I can only get a few stations. Most AM is either foreign language stations, talk radio, church music, and NOAA weather broadcasts. I keep the radio on the NOAA station so I can hear the weather for the day as I make breakfast in the morning. Even if the radio did not work, I would still love it just for display! But the fact it works as beautiful as it looks is just too cool!

So, gals, do you get any vintage lovelies this year? Please share!


  1. wow you lucky thing, I really like that radio and I would have it too whether I could get anything out of it or not!

  2. Fiona,

    Isn't that radio divine? I was totally floored when I opened the box! I just love turning it on and hearing that delay before any sound comes out! The tubes need to warm up.

    When I saw the Hilary Swank "Amelia" movie I was annoyed when she turns on the radio to dance with George (Richard Gere) and the sound of music is instantaneous!

    Anyway, I love my 40s radio! It makes such a great display and working piece of history for my kitchen!

  3. Thanks, Emma! I hope you love your white beaded jumper! I hope it fits! I was so disappointed when it didn't fit me! It felt like a doll sweater! lol!

  4. Penny,

    Isn't that radio amazing? Love! I love that fact it's pure bakelite! When it has been on for a while, you can smell that lovely bakelite smell!

  5. That blue heaven dish! I recieved a dish for christmas with the same patterned ( And stamped Blue Heaven)as well- a large serving platter. I was going to put it up on Etsy but now that I may have to hunt for more peice! I didnt think much of it.yay treasure hunt time!

  6. Love your bangles - Im always hunting for a reasonably priced carved number....still looking! Love the radio and dish too you lucky gal!

  7. Lenora Le Noire,

    I love Blue Heaven dishes! The aqua blue tones match my atomic kitchen perfectly! I started my collection with 4 cereal bowls. I would like a serving platter myself! That is great that you got one! Apparently, Blue Heaven was created in the late 50s to the early 60s so it is really an atomic collection!

  8. Clare,

    I loved my carved bangle too! It is my first carved piece! I can see myself wanting more! I am always floored at the pretty carved pieces out there but the prices are steep! So, I too, am always on the hunt for the "deal!" The radio is just too cool! I just love looking at it!

  9. Love the orange bangle!! My boyfriend was good to me this year, really only buying me bakelite for Christmas. I got some amazing pieces and will be posting them shortly. I also got a pair of boots from Mod Cloth I had been coveting. Since its your first carved piece I know you will hooked from now on!

  10. Thank youm VildesVerden! I am in love with my radio! I am amazed at how well it works!

  11. Holly,

    So glad you are back!! I adore my first carved bakelite piece and I now I want more so you are right about getting "hooked!" I bet the boots you got are super cute! I love the recent pics you posted on your blog! Great outfits as always and it looks like you and Oscar had fun in LA!