Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Cold and Lazy Saturday

This morning,  I left the house at 8:45 am for my 9:00 am hair appointment. Despite my warm coat and gloves, I was absolutely freezing as I drove to the salon! It was so cold that I could actually see my breath and I could barely feel my feet! My car heater wasn't even kicking in! The temperature reading on my car dash read 19 degrees!

After my bone-chilling, 10-minute drive in the car, I arrived at the salon and I was happy to be inside again! During this appointment, Corry, my stylist of almost 4 years, refreshed my warm red color, trimmed my Middy, and added some amazing blond highlights as well! I had a blond chunk in my bangs colored over with a cool red tone back in September and I realized that I missed them around New Year's.  So, without further ado, here me wearing my new 49er jacket with my new hair color(s):
Here is a side view:
My blond is currently a pale shade with slight yellow tones. On my next appointment, Corry will lighten the blond again and eventually the blond will be platinum. It is always best to lighten hair gently and not process it too much at once! Hair can become damaged and even break off if the process is too intense!

After my appointment, I met my friend, Selina, at the mall and we shopped at MAC (I bought a new blot powder and a foundation brush) and then we talked over  coffee from Starbucks. It was so great to finally hang out with her! Our schedules have been super busy!

I went home after an hour or so and had lunch with the husband. He recently injured his achilles heel and is now wearing an aircast so we have just been taking it easy and not going out much. I do not mind. Besides, it was too cold to be out today! The high temperature here in the DC area only got to be 27 degrees!

After lunch, the husband and I made a fire and watched old MST3K episodes.

An upclose view of our cozy fire:
The fire was a perfect way to unwind and stay warm!

Before I knew it, it was time for dinner. Hmmmmm. What to make? Forget about cooking! I am too lazy today! The solution? Sushi takeout by the fire!
The food was so good, even Misty, my 14 year-old persian, came over to get her share:
Misty was actually looking into the camera but at the last second, she turned her head! I wish my camera could have captured Misty's cute, begging face! She has the "starving kitty stare" mastered completely!

Now that Saturday is coming to a close, I have to say it was a good day. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. And if you are somewhere cold, stay warm!


  1. I may have to ask you about your stylist. I'm needing to cut my hair, and I'm looking for someone who can do a long middy. I don't quite trust the woman who trims my hair-- she likes to cut "soccer mom" bobs. A lot.

    Yours is gorgeous, and I love the blond streak!

  2. Hello, Kate!

    Thanks for the compliment! My stylist is amazing for cut and color. His name is Corry Kendall and he works at Hair Studio 54 in Chantilly. The salon is next to the Five Guys over by Target and Price Club. The salon number is 703-222-0054. Just Bring him this:

    I like having a middy but I want the shorter layers on top and on the sides to be longer so I can do a ponytail and bigger rolls!

  3. Thank you! It is so hard to find a good stylist-- I just dread moving new places.

    I now that diagram! I think one of the ladies on the Fedora Lounge redid it to get the measurements for the longer versions, too. I'll see if I can dig it up and post it on my blog.

  4. New two tone hair looking good! envious of your real fire, love them!

  5. Thanks, Clare! I adore your hair! It is so cool! The fire was lovely since it has been so cold lately! I just wish it would snow!

  6. Your kitty is beautiful. I have a himalayan kitty and she is the same way, turns her head at the last minute so you never get the perfect shot. I do have several shots of her hind end, however. ~rolling eyes~.

  7. DFWgirliegirl,

    Thank you! That is neato that you have a Himalayan! I bet she is pretty! My, girl, Misty Blue, is quite the diva, especially when it comes to the camera! Have tons shots showing of blurry cat, turned head, and yes, cat bum! It is like they know the right moment when to turn away! lol!

  8. Mmmm, I love sushi but hate the freezing winters of the East Coast! Thank goodness for fireplaces right?

  9. Hello! I live in DC too and would love to find out where to get an accurate Middy. Would you be willing to disclose the name of your salon? Love your posts!