Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning Snow!

Late yesterday afternoon, it started to sleet and snow here in the DC Metro Region. The amount of snow was trivial and by noon today, most of it was gone. The above picture (showing the view from my front porch) was taken at 8:00 am this morning. It was so pretty. I wish the area got more! I am so jealous that Boston is getting nearly two feet!

Here is a view of the backyard:
Here is the cat gazing out the sunroom door:
For some reason, whenever I straighten the door mat, my 14 year-old persian likes to move it/wrinkle it. Maybe she is practicing cat Feng Shui and a wonky rug brings good chi! (Jk!)

The above picture shows the other side of my street, looking from my front porch.  I wish it would look this way all winter long! I have snow/ski fever bad so I am a bit snow-crazy right now! I have even been having ski dreams!

So, how has winter been treating everyone so far?


  1. Here in Florida, it is not exciting. However, I came from New Hampshire and I do miss the snow. Enjoy!

  2. *sigh* I have never lived where it snows.

  3. I think I'm not all that far from you (I'm in Centreville) so we have about the same weather. Kind of a letdown after all the doom-saying on the Weather Channel :D

  4. I wish it would stay snowy all winter, white is so much prettier than grey. It actually seems quite mild here at the moment so I think we have had our lot here in London for the year.

  5. Hey just found your blog!! Love it! Also love the make up you do!!

  6. Beautiful! I love the snow. NM usually gets some snow during the winter, but so far we've only had one day of snow a couple months ago!

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the comments! It is always interesting to hear what winter is like in different parts of the world! Today, the snow is all gone instead of what is left in the shadowy areas on the ground. It is supposed to rain next week. Booo! Oh well, my Colorado trip is coming up soon so I will just have to wait to get my "snow fix!"

    Kate: I am in Centreville too! That is wild!

  8. Betty:

    I saw your older post with the photo of your exit, and I nearly hyperventilated! Another vintagey person! Who doesn't live in San Francisco!

    If you know where the G Street Fabrics is, you have a general idea of where my neighborhood is.

  9. Kate,

    That is too funny! I live in Sequoia Farms! I have been here since 1996. I went to GMU and before that, I lived in Richmond (my hometown).

    I go to that G Street all the time! I am always trying to find atomic-inspired fabrics for my house.

    That is great that there is another vintagey person in the area! I was so sure I was the only one! lol