Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re-Mix Vintage Shoes (Select Styles) Available on Endless.com

For those of you who are familiar with/wear Re-Mix Vintage shoes and those of you looking to find good quality vintage repro shoes, I wanted to let you know that Endless.com now carries select styles!


Endless. com offers free two-day shipping and even free returns! I ordered a pair of the Dara wedges last year before a trip and they arrived quickly! I love Endless.com's customer service and I am so happy they now have a few Re-Mix styles online.

However, if you want to view/order from Re-Mix directly, visit here:


At this time, Re-Mix does not have an online shopping cart. You can fax or call in your order. I have ordered from them over the phone and the staff are always kind and super helpful!

I just visited the Re-Mix site and I saw these:
I really like those shoes! They are so classic 40s!!

So, if you are looking for authentic-looking vintage shoes that are amazingly well-made, then Re-Mix Vintage shoes are for you!

Oh, I almost forgot, Re-Mix has a brick and mortar shop in Los Angeles!


  1. I do love Remix, discovered them when they still sold Vintage shoes when on holiday in LA.

    Oh btw since you changed your blog name, first up I couldn't see your blog at all, and now you just won't come up on my google blog roll, so sorry if I miss any of your posts :o(

  2. Fiona,

    Re-Mix is amazing for sure! I would love to be able to go to LA and visit their actual store in person!

    I am sorry for changing my blog url! I didn't realize that it would totally disappear from other blogger's rolls! My husband, the IT whiz, told me that I should not change my url because Blogspot does not link people to the new site when the old site is typed in. So, I changed my blog back to Betty's Vintage Musings but the title is still going to remain The DC Metro Retro.

  3. YAY good news, that worked phew, I thought I'd lost you there! I just didn't want to lose you as I enjoy your blog very much :o)

  4. I have always wanted to try a pair of remix shoes! >.< but I'm supposed to be saving...