Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DC Covered In Ice

(photo courtesy of the AP)

Last night around 8 pm, snow and ice started falling here in the DC Metro Region. As the night progressed, the precipitation turned to sleet and freezing rain. When the man and I woke up this morning around 7 am, we looked outside and saw our yard, street, trees, and patio furniture glazed with a crystal-like sheen. It was pretty for sure. But pretty can be slippery and dangerous so today we are working from home. The government opened late and the lcoal schools are closed.

I feel so indulgent since yesterday was a federal holiday for Martin Luther King Day and today I find myself home again (even though I am working). It is 11:30 am and I still drinking coffee and wearing my robe! I am going to work on my projects for work, pay bills, make a fire, and cuddle with the cat.

So, on days you find yourself at home due to inclement weather, what do you do/like to do?


  1. i grew up in the D.C./Arlington area until 1974, but we've been in California since then so we don't get any snow days or inclement weather time off. I do not even you about now!

  2. I work from home so this lovely feeling never happens to me cos I never escape work!

    Enjoy working from home :o)

  3. Inky,

    That is cool that you used to live here! My sister lived in Ballston for a while and I used to love visiting her when I was a freshman at GMU. Arlington is about 20 minutes away from me without traffic.

    Even on bad weather days, I still work, albeit at home. Most of my work is done via computer/Internet so I can go into the office or stay home. I prefer to go into the office because I need a sense of order/structure and I tend to get distracted when I am home.

  4. Fiona,

    My office is about 10 minutes away from home and I prefer it since I need structure or I get distracted! My husband, however, can be focused anywhere. He is home today as well and has been going since 7:30 am! I admire his focus!

  5. i'm a telecommuter too, have been for going on seven years now and I love it. it does take a fair amount of discipline, but i spent 20+ years managing people and having only furry co-workers is just my speed right about now ;)

  6. I wish we had occasional days off for weather, but here in California, it doesn't happen :-( If we did, I would probably straighten my clothes, paint my nails and experiment with my hair. Maybe read!

  7. North Carolina was pretty liberal with snow days, but Colorado pretty much has the "tough sh!t, suck it up" attitude in our district. We haven't gotten a single snow day or late start this year. If I were home, I'd be sleeping in and hopefully cleaning!

  8. I tend to bake. I never manage to get any baking done when I plan to, but there's something about nasty cold weather that makes me want to make cookies.

    No baking today, though. It was pretty clear by the time I left for work.