Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Latest Vintage Buys

After making an honest effort to be "good," my vintage obsession took over and defeated my futile resolve. This past week, I bought a two bags, a yellow bakelite spacer, an 80s (50s style) Hawaiian sundress, a 1950s blue nylon nightie (looks never worn) and a cream, wool cardigan from the late 50s/early 60s that still had the original tags on it!

I estimate that I spent about $140.00 USD for everything combined. Considering that I got six different items, I am quite pleased. In many cases, I can spend $140 on a pair of shoes, a vintage cocktail dress, or a Stop Staring stretch garbardine dress.

Despite my thrifty buys, I got my hair cut and re-colored last Friday (about $120), so I now I REALLY NEED to be good!

SO, without further ado, here are my purchases:

1950s, black wicker hinge bag bought off Etsy. It really feels solid and sturdy! It is roomy too! I can put all my day's essentials inside without compromising the bag's ability to close properly. Other than a few "age spots" and two, tiny spots inside the bag where the stitching is loose, it is lovely!

I got this 80s Hawaiian sundress off Etsy. It is done in a 50s style. The back is smocked and the shoulder straps have buttons for adjustment. The colors are super vibrant and the fabric is lightweight! This dress is flawless!
Here is an upclose view of the bodice:

A 1950s/early 60s cream wool cardigan. The tags are still on! I love the collar! I bought this off Etsy. (Etsy has proved to be amazing for vintage finds! I cannot even remember the last time I bought anything vintage from eBay!)

A light blue nylon and lace nightie from the 50s I got off Etsy! This nightie seems to have never been worn at all. The fabric is soft and the lace felt new and stiff. The inside tag is even unwrinkled and smooth!

A cream beaded handbag I found at Iron Horse Antiques in Manassas, Virginia (literally 15 minutes from my house). The interior of the bag is white and crisp! There are no stains or fabric issues! All beads are present and chip-free! I honesty think this bag was never used. I found it wedged next to a fur wrap (barf) and so the bag had a few stray fur hairs on it but other than that, it is mint! I am guessing the bag is either 50s or 60s. I cannot put much in it without making it looked "stuffed" so I will use it as a "going out" bag.

A yellow bakelite spacer. I bought this for about 20 USD at Iron Horse Antiques. The spacer has the usual scratches and light patina that is customary for bakelite. I also did the "friction test" and I could smell the typical "chemical" scent that comes from rubbing the surface. I want to start collecting more bakelite, but wow, it can be super expensive!

I did see a cute pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses on Etsy today. Even though I have a couple of pairs, I always seem to want more. I recently had a white pair break on me. Again, I need to be more frugal and pass on the sunglasses this time around. I have spent enough! (at least for now!)


  1. Love the hawaiian dress - fab! I started collecting Bakelite about 6 months ago. Ive managed to get each bracelet for around £8 ($12) off Ebay or Etsy. It all comes from the States though - we have a poor (expensive!) selection in the UK. I just bought 4 butterscotch spacers for $20 for the lot off Etsy. I think they had been listed for only an hour - but that is a great price so I snapped them up. I want some carved pieces now but they are a bit over my budget :-*

  2. I'd say you did really well! Love the black wicker purse.

  3. I cannot believe your fabulous bakelite steals, Clare! I guess I need to be more diligent and patient when it comes to searching. I found some amazing rose carved bangles in a store near my mum's but it cost $185! No way! Again, finding the thrifty price is all about patience and knowing where to buy!


  4. Thank you, Rachelle! I am carrying the black wicker bag today. I bought it for $13.50!! I can carry my lipstick, compact, Blackberry, eyeglass case, wallet, hand sanitizer (smaller size), pen, keys, and coin purse and still have some room inside!

  5. wow great finds..love the nightie and the purse everything..I find cheap lucite bracelets here in England for about 50P which is like $1.00 something.check out my finds :)

  6. I saw your finds, La Dama! The star vase and peasant blouse with the cherries are just awesome! I love lucite too and I just got started to collect bakelite. I need to be thrifty about my finds, especially bakelite! But finding lucite for a dollar is amazing! I saw a wide, yellow lucite bangle for 20.00 usd the other day at a local antique shop and it was pretty but 20.00 is too high.

  7. thanks..sometimes its hard to distinguish bakelite for me.. found 2 red spacers which i think are bakelite i will be giving those away in a giveaway soon..so feel free to correc tme on my finds if you may.

  8. La Dama,

    Here is a link you may find useful: