Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bringing Middy Back! (Sorry, I had to! LOL)

This is me after putting makeup on this morning before leaving for work. My hair is dirty and I am wearing my 40s vintage dressing gown. This look is basically "pre-fixed Middy Plus."

After getting a poorly-done Middy Plus haircut two weeks ago (by another stylist), my stylist of three years, Corry, was finally back at work after his hand injury and today at 2:00 p.m., my Middy returned! Whoo-hoo!

I feel so much better and my hair is happy. It was also great to visit with Corry and see him working. Like I said before, Corry had one of his hands injured while boating with friends. He was out of work for two weeks. Corry's his hands are his livelihood! If he cannot work, he doesn't get paid. I have the luxury of covering up a bad haircut with a snood or scarf. But poor Corry has bills to pay and income to make!

Nevertheless, it was so awesome to have him back! (He is still recovering and will be for a long time.) My hair was recut and it is now a true Middy Plus! The overall length is 4 and 1/2 inches. The sides taper to 4 inches and then to three inches by the ears. Corry also reshaped my Bettie bangs.

When I get my hair cut again in 6+ weeks, my overall length will be 5 and 1/4 inches. And in early December, I will be able to have a Femme Fatale (6 inches overall)!

So, here is my hair now:

Here is another view:
Here is the side:

Notice the proper U-shape in the back? My previous cut did not have this. It was more like a "wide C on its side" shape.

I am also wearing my new late 50s, nylon dress! It fits so well and the fabric just hangs beautifully!


  1. Really lovely cut! Your far braver than me, I'm getting mine cut tomorrow but a midi maybe a little too drastic. Still very very pretty.
    Nice to find someone that loves anything Atomic era!

  2. Stevie,

    The Middy can be modified. It does not have to be as short as mine. For example, the longest length (overall length) can be 10 inches, then the sides can be 8 inches and the length by the ears can be 7. As long as the cut is done in layers (each one about 1 and 1/2 inches apart) and as long as the layers have that U-shape, you can have a vintage cut without taking off too much length. The layers and the U-Shape really encourage curl which will help make styling so much easier!

    As for the Atomic era, I love it! The decor, the color, the styles, everything! Oh, what I would do for some atomic lamps and rugs!

  3. I really like your bangs back, it's sexier!

  4. wow! you look so Lucy..I need to go get my Femme Fatale hair is getting too long and not holding my love the dress.

  5. Thanks, Kim! With my diffuser and tiny-barrel curling iron, I can do both bettie bangs and pompadour-like bangs. Using the diffuser to encourage the curl really is key! I like the versatility of the Middy Plus/vintage cuts. Modern styles are usually one-dimensional with little options for variation.

  6. Muchas gracias, La Dama! Estoy muy alegre porque mi pelo parece mejor! Antes mi cita, fue muy difícil de controlar y estilarlo! Qué alivio!

    Sin embargo, I can totally relate about hair that does not hold the curl! When my hair gets to a certain point, it too does not want to behave!

  7. OMG! hablas español?
    I have wild hair..gets frizzy right away,lol

  8. I really love it!! I've been wanting to get mine cut for a while, I think I may try a middy. It does seem like the curls look so much nicer when it's properly layered and shaped. Lucky me, I have a vintage hair stylist near by! :)

  9. LOL.I knew you wouldn't make it 6 weeks!!
    Doesn't matter in the least, you are happy with your proper middy and it certainly does show :)
    Did Cory happen to have the other stylist watch him cut your hair so he/she could see what the correct way is?

  10. Your hair looks so good. I thought you did a great job of it before but it definitely looks better now! Hurrah.
    -Andi x

  11. Looks so good, but then I thought it did before anyway! I bet you feel much better for it though

  12. quick question, how do you get your eyebrows so nice?

  13. Adorable cut! But, I thought you looked great in the first (dirty hair) photo too.

    I agree with GingerGirl. Your eyebrows are perfection. That can make a world of difference.

  14. La Dama,

    Sí! Yo emepecé mis estudios lingüísticos cuando estuve en el colegio. También, yo estudié el español en la universidad. En 2002, completé mis estudios alumnos del español.

    My hair is frizzy too and it is very fine. I notice that if I do not get regular trims, my hair does not want to curl well.

  15. Brittany,

    Your hair always look so amazing! And that is great that you have a vintage stylist nearby! I have a wonderful stylist and he is so dedicated when it comes to making his clients happy. Corry tells me that he prefers precision haircuts. He is truly gifted!

  16. Honey Bee,

    LOL! Was it that obvious? I knew I had to get in to see Corry sooner rather than later! He told me that even though he is back at work, he is on a limited client schedule since his hand is still recovering. He is booked though! I know I am not the only one that worships his talent!

    As for the other stylist, she was not around. I felt bad that I had to get it fixed and had she been right there, I would have felt even worse!

  17. Thanks, Andi! My looks better and I even feel better. It styled so much easier today.

  18. Thank you for the lovely comment, Straight Talking Mama!

  19. GingerGirl,

    Thank you for the compliment! I get my brows waxed and tinted every 6 weeks at my local salon. I have naturally pale blond brows that disappear on my face! I also use MAC's Penultimate Brow marker between appointments to maintain their shape.

  20. Sarsaparilla,

    Thanks! I like both styles but now my hair curls better than before. The proper Middy layering is really key for obtaining a good curl.

    As for the brows, I get them tinted and use a brow marker to maintain their shape.

  21. I'm so sorry to post on an older blog entry, but I need help and wasn't sure where to turn. You always have beautiful hair so I thought you'd be a good person to ask :) I have very long, very straight hair and would like to get a vintage style haircut. Do you know of any that keep a good length (at least a little past the shoulders) and don't require too much curling? I am a novice at curling hair and my hair is pretty resistant to it. Please let me know! Thank you so much!