Friday, September 3, 2010

Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Review #4 - #42 Satin

This is another review for the recently launched, Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks from Make Up For Ever. They retail for $19.00 USD and they can be found at Sephora stores and online at their site.

So far, I have four shades: #21 (a pearly bright red), #43 (a true, nuetral 40s red satin), #45 (a blue-toned scarlet red satin), and #42. The latest shade is a satin formula. It has does not have a shimmer or a matte finish. It is cream type with a slight sheen. The #42 is a warm, bright red. I noticed undertones of tangerine and a slight coral hue. When compared to MAC's Lady Danger or Nars' Jungle Red, the #42 has less orange in it but it is still a warm red nonetheless.

Like the other satin reds I have, this latest addition to my collection is very creamy but not too wet in texture. It has a good blend of both grip and slip. And like all the other colors in the Rouge Artist Intense range, this lipstick is VERY pigmented! Make Up For Ever boasts that this lipstick line has 50% more pigment than most standard lipstick and I have to say this product lives up to that claim well! One swipe of color is all I need for total opacity!

Here is a swatch on my inner right arm:
This is me, wearing the #42:
I seem to have an odd look on my face! Oh well! (Lol!)
So, if you are looking for a pigmented, smooth texture lipstick that packs a punch, give the Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks a try! You will NOT be disappointed!

And if you prefer red shades that are true the 40s and 50s vintage look,  I think you will adore the following:  #42, #43, #45, and #44.


  1. I see you've gotten some great use out of the dress!! I'm so glad! It looks great on you!

  2. Holly,

    I have worn it twice and I love it! Now that fall is coming, I think I can get away with wearing it if I pair it with a black cardigan.

    I love the gingham dress you bought! It looks so cute and the waist looks tiny! I am so jealous! I have a 27 waist and no matter how much I run, I still have a "buddha belly!"

  3. I've been looking for a specific red shade, a color dupe of my old lipstick. It was given to me by my mom and I felt that MUFE #42 could be it. I came across your review and your photos, and now I feel so inspired! So lovely, thank you!