Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Latest Home Updates!- Using the "Not-So-Vintage" Atomic Fabric

Recently, I posted about buying two yards of "vintage," atomic-era fabric on eBay. Well, MaryDeluxe commented that my beloved fabric was actually a repro. I am so thankful for her heads-up and I am also annoyed that the seller lead me to believe the fabric was vintage. After reading MaryDeluxe's comment, I went home and looked over the fabric itself and saw a glaring "2003" copyright on the edges.  I guess 7 years is now vintage? (Lol!) 

Despite my ignorance and the fact the fabric is modern-made,  I love it!  The pattern is very true to the 50s, Eames era look and it was easy to sew.  I made a table runner, a pillow, coasters, and a window curtain.

Slowly, but surely, my home is becoming a 50s-era abode (even though my home was built in '85). I am currently on the hunt for 50s vintage wallpapers for my powder room and master bath. In addition, I plan on re-flooring my kitchen with a more 50s-era appropriate style.

Without further ado,  here are the items I made with the repro fabric:

Here is the window curtain:
This is the pillow on my sofa:
Here is the table runner:
And here is an upclose look showing the beading I added to the ends:
An interesting note about the above table; my mom and dad found it at Goodwill for super cheap.  I think the table was made between the 1940s and the early 1960s. My mom is very talented at furniture repair and staining. Mom sanded the entire table, re-stained it, and spruced up the hardware. It looks so new! I also have a vintage, stained-wood foyer table that my mom repaired.  It was actually found at the dump! I am amazed at what people toss out!

My vintage home is work in progress and I am having fun! A huge part of me wants everything done now but the real thrill of vintage decorating is the hunt and watching the transformation from modern blah to retro wow!


  1. OH WOW!! I love what you have done with the fabric. And the beading to the table runner is great.

    I can tell by the stuff I am slowly accumilating that I at some point am going to have a very crazy kitchy vintage looking place. lol

  2. Thanks, Melzaelf!

    I bought 1/2 yard of beading and I attached about 8 inches to either side of the runner using a hot glue gun.

    I would love to have more fabric like this but in another print. It is an upholstery material that feels almost coated. I found it easy to sew with too.

  3. I love that fabric and what you've done with it! The curtain looks great.

    I really hate when a seller doesn't know what they're selling or gives false information to try to help it sell better. That really pisses me off! But you still didn't pay over what you would have paid for it else where online so that's still a good thing...and now you can get more of it and make more things!!

    As far as taking your time to transform your space into a vintage oasis... I personally think that's the fun and best way to do it! Plus you save money too. You should drive north to PA and hit up some estate sales here...you'll get more things and a bigger bang for your buck!


  4. We have something in comnon...I am trying to transform a very plain 1986 ranch into a 50's house....success in some areas....not so much in others...

  5. As long as you didn't pay vintage prices for it! I can't believe some people.

  6. MaryD,

    Yes, I totally agree about some sellers being sneaky. I did get a good deal and I would have bought the fabric if it was listed as repro! So, sellers, do not lie! Talk about frustrating!

    I need to hit up some sales and some online sites for more fabrics. I would love to make some 68"atomic/Eames barkcloth curtain panels for my living room. Right now I have white sheers that are boring.

    The antique malls around here okay but nothing spectacular. I think I need to do a vintage shopping roadtrip!

  7. Moviemag46,

    My home's structure is total 80s suburbs. It is boring! lol! Oh what I would do to have a home like Arapahoe Acres in Colorado! Pure atomic heaven!

    Since I cannot reshape my home, I am slowly decorating and transforming its interior design. My lower level is done but the kitchen floor needs to be re-done and the upper level needs major work.

    I am having fun but sometimes I want to clap my hands and presto! Instant 50s bliss!

  8. Miss Emmi,

    I got a good deal but the fact that the seller was misleading makes me not want to buy from them again. Like I said to MaryDeluxe, if the seller disclosed the fact the fabric was repro, I would have still bought it since it is a great print.

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  10. Shame they weren't honest about it being repro but it looks great, there are some great repro fabrics out there, and some of the vintage fabrics are just ridiculously expensive! It looks great in all the projects you used it for.

    I also totally understand with just wanting a home finished, me too, and I have an awful late 60s house in the UK so I understand that too! The only thing is I don't want to stay here long term so there's no nice wallpaper or great vintage kitchens for me!

  11. Straight Talking Mama,

    Like I said, if the seller was just honest, I still would have bought the fabric. It is a great print regardless of its age. I have found some amazing atomic-era fabrics on Etsy that are the real deal but wow, are they steep! I am going to keep looking for the yardage with the best deal and look. I really want curtains for my living room!

    I have thought about the wallpaper issue since I want to move too. I may not do it and I may just paint the walls and do starburst stencils. I will have to ask my best friend for advice since she does home staging.

  12. Well done on your projects - all look great and the fabric print is awesome, vintage or non! :)

  13. Thanks, Clare! I just bought some real vintage fabric and it is amazing! I want more now!