Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My (Real This Time) 50s, Atomic-Era Fabric Tablecloth!

Recently, I was duped by repro fabric on eBay. Even though the fabric is fabulous and looks authentic vintage atomic-era, it is indeed repro. Despite the fabric's modern age, I love it still. I made a curtain, table coasters, a table runner, and a pillow. My TV room looks great.

After my repro purchase, I have been searching for real vintage. Last week, I found an amazing listing for a 22 x 46 inch rectangle of 50s, atomic barkcloth on Etsy. The fabric cost $15.00 and with shipping, the final cost came to just over $18.00 USD.

When I received my package yesterday in the mail, I excitedly opened the padded envelope and instantly, I could smell the true scent of authentic vintage barkcloth! Yes!

I let the fabric air out and then I ironed it. I pulled out my sewing machine and stitched the edges to make a simple tablecloth. Viola! My atomic beauty was done!

Here is an up-close look at the fabric! I just love the design:
I was also impressed that my green candles matched the fabric! The two pewter candlestick holders and bowl are Norwegian designs that were given to me by my parents (Dad is from Norway). The set is vintage 1960s.

I would love some more vintage fabric. I would like to make curtains for my dining/living room area. The only drawback to vintage fabric is of course, the price!

So, have any of your girls made any vintage fabric creations? Where did you find the best fabric and/or deal?


  1. I often make things from vintage fabric but mostly it's from my stash as it's getting harder and harder to find vintage fabric at good prices.

  2. I meant to add I LOVE yours, very nice design!

  3. Straight Talking Mama,

    Finding good vintage fabric is hard! What I do find for curtains is either too small or too expensive (for a proper amount)! I guess I will continue the hunt!

  4. I've been able to score some great bark cloth drapes and such at an auction just over the MD/PA line. Most are a bit earlier - more floral, but I will keep my eye open for the atomic styles of mid-century for you!


  5. Thanks, Sue! That would be GREAT!!