Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Most Recent Etsy Purchases!

Here are the vintage-fabulous items I recently bought off Etsy! I had been so good until now! Oh well, I do not feel too bad since most of the things are for my house.

A 50s vintage aqua-colored plastic napkin holder ($8.00) for my atomic kitchen:
A Salem North Star gravy boat ($10.00):
An atomic-era red ceramic dish for my TV room coffee table ($18.00):
A late 50s/early 60s coffee percolator ($22.99)!  My 14-year old Mr. Coffee died:
A light powder blue melamine sugar and creamer set ($12.00):
And, finally, a late 50s silky nylon dress ($30.00)! I wore this on Saturday for me and the husband's date night:
Earlier today, I bought a pair of 1950s stilettos in black leather for $28.00! I also bought a 22" x 46" piece of 1950s atomic fabric! I made a tablecloth out of it. I will post pictures soon!  All I need is some atomic-looking floor rugs and my main level will be pretty much done!


  1. wow you did well lady, good buys all of them!

  2. Thanks, Straight Talking Mama! I cannot wait for my coffee percolator to arrive! I am also excited for the red atomic dish!

  3. Great finds! I especially like the red dish :)

  4. Clare,

    Isn't that red dish just divine?! As soon as I saw it, I knew it HAD to be mine!

  5. Oh you bought such lovely things.
    I too am on the search for a perculator.

    The silky nylon dress sort of resembles one that I found, not exactly but close none the less.

    I love ordering offline as it always seems like you are getting gifts in the mail when they arrive. *lol*

  6. Hosanna,

    Etsy is indeed the win! I used to adore eBay but Etsy has really proven to be the better source for finding vintage.

  7. Melzaelf,

    My percolator arrived today according to the Postal Service tracking! I cannot wait to go home and open it up! Tomorrow the husband and I will have real percolated coffee! I have heard the taste is so much better than filter.

    If you are looking for a percolator, there are many great vintage ones on Etsy right now.

    I am wearing the nylon dress today! It fits so well and I love the way the fabric hangs.

  8. lovley finds..love the napkin holder and red dish...blue sugar and creamer are so cute.

  9. awesome stuff. Love the dish and dress!

  10. La Dama,

    The napkin holder is just too cute and it looks so new! The red dish has yet to arrive. I hope it gets here soon! My coffee table needs it!

  11. Atomic Mama,

    The dress is amazing! I had it in my Etsy favorites for a while but I realized that I had to have it! I wore it yesterday with a red belt!