Friday, September 24, 2010

The Latest Home Updates!-The Power of Target and the Glue Gun

This is Misty, in bed with me yesterday morning. She and I were feeling too lazy to get up and make coffee. We were both up late sewing and using the hot glue gun on various projects.

Anyway, I have been quite lazy when it comes to blogging as of late. I have been busy with work and family and buying new wares for the house.  Also, my cell phone decided to get sick or rebel. I am not sure. Nevertheless, now that my beloved Blackberry is working again, I am excited to show you the latest additions to my "vintage abode in progress."

I went to Target on Monday to buy detergent, Dryel, and a few cosmetic items. While there, I decided to check out the home goods section and I was amazed when I found two great rugs and two lampshades that looked very vintage/atomic!

This one of the rugs in my den/TV room:
This is another rug in my foyer.  It is a shag rug and it feels very soft. The weird, small "things" on the floor are Misty's toys:
This is an upclose view showing the detail on one of the two matching lampshades I bought. They look very 50s to me:

Here is how one of the lamps looks overall in the living room. Just to the left of the lamp is Misty's cat tower. It needs to go into the basement!:
I made these curtains using Circa 50 fabric (pattern is called "Starbursts") over the summer. I added the blue beading using the hot glue gun last night. I think the beads make the curtains look more "complete:"
I also made a tablecloth for my kitchen dinette set and a matching pot holder using another Circa 50 fabric (called "Space"). I did not like the way the pictures turned out.  I will take more photos and post them soon. 

Yesterday afternoon, I changed all the plain round, gold knobs on my kitchen cabinets to light sea blue porcelain (1 and 1/2 inches in diameter) knobs I bought at Lowes Hardware store. They only cost 85 cents each! I bought 14 and the total with VA state tax came to $12.50! I will also post pics showing my new knobs!


  1. I love it! Everything looks perfect. Those lamp shades are fantastic. Target really surprises me sometimes, both in some super cute vintage-y clothes and home goods. Misty is so sweet! I have 3 kitties of my own but none as fluffy as her!

  2. Thank you, Brittany! I hope you are feeling better! Again, congratulations!

    As for Target, the one by my house is hit-or-miss but I was impressed when I was there the other day. The two sage green lampshades really were a surprise for sure! I also like Target for their basics like cardigans and the occasional pencil skirt.

    And about your kitties, I love the big chubby one! Such a pretty fur color too! Talk about too cute!! I used to have a "chunky little nugget" cat as well but we lost her to Lymphoma three years ago.

    Misty is indeed a 'fluff monster!' She loves to sleep between me and the husband and she has to be where we are all the time! It amazes me that she is only 9 pounds under all that fur! Once a year we have to take her to the vet for a"lion cut" because persian fur is really prone to matting. When Misty gets her cut, she looks like a skinny poodle rat! lol!

  3. I miss Target..oh they always have such cute household items and clothes used to buy my cardis there too..aww mistys toys make me smile..look like little have been a crafty little worker..cute everthing..adding the beads was a great idea.

  4. La Dama,

    Thank you for the lovely comments! Target is great! I love the furniture they have on their online site! I see a lot of retro styles but the shipping is a killer! If they had more retro wares in the store, I would be so happy! Even their online rugs are better than in store!

    Misty's toys are all over the house! LOL! Her favorite toy are the strips of plastic that come off re-sealable, pre-packaged, shredded cheese. She also loves her fillable catnip, plush mouse. Misty is 14 but she often acts like she is 2!

    As for the beads, I like adding them to table runners and table lamps too. I think the beading on the curtains make them look better. They had a plain, unfinished air about them.

  5. You have a beautiful home!What a great find the lamps were,definitely a 50's vibe.I love the colour in your loungeroom,gorgeous!
    The beads really finish of the curtains that's for sure.The replacement knobs sound lovely,i look forward to seeing pics.
    Oh i luv Misty,isn't she a gorgeous big ball of fluff!?I wish my kitty would sleep up on the pillow with me i rescued him from death row last november & while he is quite affectionate he's not really a lap & cuddle sort of cat.He'd rather sit next to me or sometimes at the bottom of the bed(he bites our toes if we move around too much) .

  6. Mrs. Cleaver,

    Thank you! The lamps are the hit of the week! I cannot believe I found them and they were the only pair on the shelf! I was lucky for sure!

    I cannot wait to take pictures of the new cabinet knobs! The blue matches the hues in my kitchen very well!

    My black and white cat that I lost to Lymphoma three years ago sounds like your cat. She was not a cuddle cat with anyone but my husband! Her name was Sukki and she was very flighty. She would often bite if we "pet her too long." Sukki would try to sleep on our bed but for some reason, if I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to pet her, she would fly off the bed and run away. I never understood why she was so anxious. Sukki was loving and loved attention but she was not a lap cat. Affection was always on her terms. She was like that when we adopted her. Misty, on the other hand, is quite the lover. I love how each cat has their own distinct personality!

  7. Wow! This looks all awesome!! Kind regards to Misty from my two little feline ladies Mina & Lucy and from me, too! :")

  8. And to think I always drive past Target...and I DO need a lamp for reading by...maybe I'll get lucky?
    Your curtains turned out darling! I have been hum-hawing about putting kobs on my kitchen cabinets...maybe I will go to Lowe's also..they're both on the other side of town for me.

  9. What great finds at Target! I love Target, whenever we're visiting the US, we make several visits to several Target stores!! We have many small things in house from Target all the way to the UK, I miss Target!

  10. Thank you, Frl. Palfy! Updating the house has been busy but fun! I will be sure to let Misty you that your kitties send their best!

  11. Honey Bee,

    I usually strike out at Target when it comes to housewares but this time around I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed that the online Target site is much better than their offerings in-store. I even saw a retro-looking kitchen dinette set online!

  12. Straight Talking Mama,

    Target should be in the UK for sure! My aunties from Ireland love visiting Target when they visit the family here is the US! My mom is actually over in Ireland and the UK for two months.

    As for Target, I hope they keep up this great trend of having retro-looking wares in their stores! I really could use some new rugs and curtains!