Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Saga of the Botched Middy Plus Continues!-Using a Diffuser

Last week, my stylist of three years was unable to cut my hair due to an injury. Since my cut and color were already way overdue, another stylist in the same salon refreshed my color and cut my hair. The color is amazing but the cut is not really a Middy. It is layered incorrectly and even looks like a mullet on one side.

After experimenting with various blow drying techniques, steam rollers, curling irons, and velco rollers; I decided to give my old diffuser a try. When my naturally wavy hair was very long, I used to diffuse my hair daily using Paul Mitchell Styling Glaze and Sebastian Shaper hairspray.

I simply towel dry hair and apply a quarter-sized amount of the glaze throughout my hair. Then I spray on a little bit of the Sebastian spray and diffuse my hair in sections. When the curls are dry, I use my 5/8" Gold N' Hot curling iron to better shape my hair. I put in two bobby pins, spray with more hairspray to set, and then I am done.

Before my stylist, Corry, can fix my hair, I think I am going to wait at least 5 weeks for my next appointment so my hair can grow out more. Until then, I am going to diffuse and curl my hair. I think this method covers the misshapen layers well.

The following pictures were taken yesterday before going out with the husband:

This is the left side :
The right:
The front:
I am glad I pulled my diffuser out of the storage closet! I was really having a hard time trying to style my hair with a barrel brush. I cannot wait until my poor Middy is fixed!

So, have any of you used a diffuser? What are your methods for getting hair to cooperate?


  1. I put on some spray gel and let my hair dry naturally as it holds the curl better...but if I blow dry it out and then try to add curl? The curls won't hold....I have no idea why, I just guess that my curly hair goes on strike because I blew it out! Now if I am in a hurry, the diffuser works the best...seems to make the hair happy and whatever makes the hair happy is ok in my book!! No one likes to look at the Wild WOan of Borneo!
    I LOVE your hair...I like the bangs brushed back alot! Do you find it hard to go from bangs to no bangs? It's always a major decision for me to cut my bangs..I'm never quite sure if I should or not.

  2. I know this hairstyle resulted from a mistake, but it is lovely on you...very soft and youthful and feminine...

  3. That style looks really good with your high collared dress! I think I'm going to try to reproduce it next time I wear a cheongsam out!

  4. Honey Bee,

    Thank you for the compliment! I also find that when my hair is air dried or diffused, the curl holds better. If I blow dry my hair with a barrel brush and then curl with my curling iron, the result is less than stellar. In fact, by the end of the day, my hair looks flat.

    As for the bangs, since I have naturally wavy hair, my bangs cooperate with the diffuser nicely. I can do bettie bangs and push them back. Another critical element to getting the bangs to go back is curling them with the thinner 5/8" curling iron. The smaller-sized iron is great because it can really grab the curls. The larger irons just do not work.

  5. moviemag46,

    Thank you for the compliment! The diffuser has proven itself to be amazing once again! The tighter curls created by the diffuser conceal the lop-sided cut well. I can see myself totally relying on my diffuser until I can visit my stylist.

  6. Miss Emmi,

    Thank you for the lovely compliment! I love your glasses by the way! I have a black pair of acetate cat eyes that I wear daily.

  7. you hair looks great, when I've tried a diffuser my hair just goes grazy but then it is amazingly thick so I'm amazed you get such a great result from a diffuser, it really looks great!

  8. I think it looks great too. You can't tell its "wrong" at all!

  9. Oh my, you look lovely! I'm in love with your pushed back bangs and that shock of light in your hair. Hard to believe this is a botched hair cut.

  10. Even though technically it isn't a middy, your hair still looks terrific! And the color, WOW! She did a great job there.
    At least you know that when your hair grows out enough, your stylist will be all healed up and ready to get your hair back on track.
    I SO wish I could find someone I trusted like that!

  11. Straight Talking Mama,

    Thanks for the compliment! I wish I had thick hair! My hair is so fine! My sister also has fine, wavy hair like me and she got me into the diffusing method about 5 years ago. I get great results from it but I also have to use a curling iron to fix certain sections since the layering was done wrong. I cannot wait for my stylist to fix it!

  12. Thank you, Ginger! I love your look in your icon picture! Your hair color and bettie bangs look great! I especially like the green outfit paired with your coloring and hair. I think we redheads look amazing in green!

  13. Thanks, MoxieTonic! Yes, my Middy is gone for now. But my stylist will fix it when he is back and all healed. His stitches came out yesterday. I will wait for my hair appointment in 5 weeks for him to reshape it.

    I am lucky I have Corry as my stylist! I am so happy that he knows how to do vintage cuts. I know that some cities have salons that have stylists that specialize in vintage hair but I have yet to find one here in the DC Metro. Corry is wonderful for cuts and color but he admits that he has some trouble when it comes to styling. I tell him it's okay! I know I am a "super niche" market!

  14. Thanks for the feedback on my own hair troubles :) I am so envious of your Bettie bangs! Not to mention, that you were fearless enough to fix them yourself.
    Eventually I'm hoping to get there (ok, have to find someone willing to even cut my hair in the first place) but it is definitely a look that I'm going to have to ease into!

  15. Hello,i just joined your lovely blog:)
    I think your hair looks great ,lucky you have been able to hide the botched job so well.

  16. Ok, I whacked the bangs of, Bettie-style and was very thankful I hadn't tossed my teeny-barrled curling iron!
    Next week...an appointment for a good middy haircut from someone who knows what they're doing :)

  17. Mrs. Cleaver,

    Thank you for following me and thank you for your lovely comment! My hair is manageable when it's curled and tomorrow, my stylist is going to fix the ends! I am excited!

  18. Honey Bee,

    The super small curling iron is a must when it comes to bang curling, especially if they are cut short.

    If you plan to get a Middy, bring a diagram! It is vital for the stylist to follow. Having it will make your life and theirs so much easier!

  19. Hi Lady Betty,

    Wow these photos are stunning. Love your hair! Wish I could achieve this look but my hair is so stubborn. Your photos are a great inspiration though!


  20. Lady Betty,

    I just came upon your blog tonight and am in love with your awesome fun personality! I feel as though we are truly kindred spirits! You are absolutely beautiful and your hair is fantastic, even with a slightly botched middy! Is your hair naturally curly? Absolutely lovely!
    I am currently looking for a good stylist who knows what they are doing so I can get a truly vintage cut. As a stylist myself I wish I could just do it myself, but have far too few hands to accomplish it! lol
    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I will be keeping up with all of your adventures!

  21. I, too, am sporting a "botched" middy- it has virtually no layering so when I curl it, I get kind of a triangle effect :/ I may try your technique to hide the lack of layers until I get it re-shaped. Your hair looks wonderful, and I'd never be able to tell it wasn't how you want it.