Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Night on Capitol Hill

This is a view of the the Capitol in Washington, DC taken last night. My company and I went to a reception on "the Hill" that kicked off "Cyber Security Awareness Month" for October 2010. It was neat to meet a few government "big wigs" along with a couple members of the House of Representatives.

Due to the nature of last night's events, I had to keep the vintage at home and wear a black suit. I often feel like I am "in costume" whenever I am not in my usual vintage attire! Despite my "typical DC-ite" look, I still wore red lipstick and did my hair in rolls:
Here is me posing with the Capitol in the background. Notice that my brooch looks wonky? It's kind of heavy so it tends to migrate!:
After the meeting/reception, our group visited the recently updated Capitol Visitor's center:
Because I have lived in the DC area for 16 years, I often overlook the majesty of the city.  We are the home of the federal government, Supreme Court, and the President. There are scores of amazing museums, including the Smithsonian Institution. The city has so many wonderful dining and entertainment options and most importantly, DC is the epicenter of our nation's politics, both past and present.

Speaking of dining, upon leaving the Hill, the gang and I went to Capital Grille on Pennsylvania Avenue. The restaurant was filled with lobbyists, lawyers, locals, and tourists. I was surprised how packed it was for a Wednesday evening! It was hard trying to find a spot in the bar while we waited for our table. A yuppie in a suit even tried to hold a bar stool (just so he could use two stools to chill on) by saying his wife was sitting there when clearly he was with his buddy and he was not wearing a ring! Uh, if you are going to lie to people, at least do it with some originality! Talk about lame!

Anyway, after we got seated, our dinner was amazing! The service was impeccable too! I am so glad I got to see and experience DC in a new light.


  1. I would love to visit Washington one day, it always looks so fabulous! I suspect you are like me even when you think you don't look vintage because of work requirements, you probably still look totally vintage!!

  2. Straight Talking Mama,

    If you ever come to DC, I would love to show you the sights! DC has lots of things to do! The museums are a blast and there are even a nice lot of vintage stores like Vintage Remix! I like DC but there is too much traffic and there is no real vintage community here. I would love to hang out with other vintage girls!