Monday, September 27, 2010

More Retro Kitchen Updates!

Last week, I realized the round gold knobs on my kitchen cabinets needed to be replaced. The knobs' shape was not only boring, their tawny color was seemed out of place in my atomic-inspired kitchen.  Moreover, they were very reminiscent of the soulless, 1980s decor that plagued my childhood. In other words, the knobs had to go! 

While searching various online retailers and Etsy, I discovered that the vintage milk glass knobs and the artisan, handmade creations I liked were too expensive. One site had these amazing square-shaped, grecian blue knobs that retailed for $24.00 each! I needed 14 so the total would have been $336.00! Yes, each knob was handmade and drop-dead gorgeous but I cannot even imagine spending over 300 bucks on knobs! Can we say 'crazy?!'

After conceding my online quest for the kitchen hardware of my vintage dreams, I decided to visit the Lowes Hardware store near my office. I was so happy when I found a 1 and 1/2 inch round pale sea blue porcelain design. The color was a perfect match for the already-present colors in my kitchen and the price, 85 cents each, made this unexpected find even better. I grabbed 14 knobs and walked to the register. The total came to be $12.50!

Here is a view of the knobs overall:
Another view:
I also made a small tablecloth using a 1/2 yard of Circa 50 fabric in "Space." I found this pattern on Etsy. I paid $7.50 USD. Here is the fabric itself:
This is how my tablecloth looks on my dinette set:
I may add some blue fringe on either end of the tablecloth but right now, I am going to wait since I am not sure.

So, there you have it, girls! Has anyone else been updating their vintage abodes lately?


  1. The knobs look great & the table cloth is really sweet.My personal opinion would be no fringe but maybe a ribbon or bias binding border instead? Just my 2 cents:)Over $300 for knobs is definitely crazy,that's something my mother in law would do.She bought these massively expensive crystal knobs imported from Italy for her kitchen ,the glass ones that were heaps cheaper would have looked the same but she wanted the imported ones.

  2. The knobs do look great & the tablecloth! I haven't been doing any updating lately, too busy but hoping too soon!

  3. Your kitchen is so cute! I love the details on the cupboard doors and the green curtains over the windows.

  4. Thanks, for your lovely comments and thoughts, ladies!

    Mrs Cleaver: Crystal knobs? Wow! I cannot even wrap my head around that! The glass ones are just as good. Besides, if I had crystal knobs, I would be afraid of all the wear and tear after so many years! I can also see myself obsessed over fingerprints, dirt, and debris getting on them!

    Straight Talking Mama: I also made a potholder using the same fabric as the tablecloth. I just need to finish it.

    Mezlaelf: My best friend and I did the cabinet stencils a few years back. The window curtains are a teal green with cool blue undertone. I love the white and yellow dots and the starbursts! The company that makes the fabric is called Circa 50. They have many great atomic-inspired prints.