Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Atomic Trivet Using Rub-On Transfers

This is another project I did using the atomic rub-on transfers that I bought from Michael's Crafts. I recently did a post showing an atomic wood step stool I made using the transfers and blue spray paint.

The original tile on this trivet had a San Francisco street scene on it but it broke when my friend's toddler got a hold of it. I was left with an empty metal frame, but not to worry. I went to my local hardware store and bought a plain white ceramic square tile.

When I took the tile home, I swiped the surface clean using a cotton square soaked with rubbing alcohol. Then I applied the transfers and sealed the design my coating the entire surface with a clear varnish.

These transfers can be put on metal, tile, ceramic, glass, wood, and plastic. They cannot be put on items that will get wet or be washed. These transfers are best left for decorative pieces.


  1. Hey, I saw ur comment on Dolly Cool Clare's name-blog entry. Is your dad norwegian? yay, Jan is not a very fortunate name outside of norway i guess :)

  2. Hei, Miss Kristiansen! Yes, Dad is indeed from Norway (he is from Svolvaer). He emigrated to the United States in the mid-1960s. But most of our family still lives in Norway. I just had my cousin and his family here in the States for a visit. They live in Trondhem. My father has sisters in Svolvaer and Bergen.

    So, yes, in Norway, as you already know, Jan is very common. But here, it is very rare and no one knows how to pronounce his name!

  3. Aw, cool! I love the "hei" btw :) Have u been to Norway? A worse name than Jan must be Odd.. hehe

  4. Miss Kristiansen,

    I have only been to Norway once, when I was 13. I had my 14th birthday there. It was great to meet my family and dad's sisters. I fell in love with fiskekaker, gul ertesuppe, and Firkløver sjokolade. My aunts fed me well!

    One of my cousins is named Odd. I can only image how people here in the US would try to pronounce it!

    As for hei, I am not sure where you are from but my family in Nordland/Lofoten always say "Hei do!"

    Ha det!

  5. Nice fix it looks great.. I need to see what kind of transfers my Michaels carries.

  6. Melzaelf,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    If my Michael's carries these atomic transfers, then I think yours will too. They cost about $2.99. My Michaels is poorly stocked compared the other Michaels and the AC Moore in the area.

  7. Those tranfers are beyond cool I wonder if Michaels delivers internationally!

  8. Hehehe "hei du" works well. I'm impressed with ur norwegian, gul ertesuppe ftw! And for the chocolate... norwegian chocolate is the best. I am from the eastern part of Norway, close to Oslo :)
    Ha det ;)