Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Review #3- Satin #43 (aka Moulin Rouge)

This is my third post/review of the new Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks from Make Up For Ever. They retail for 19.00 USD and can be found at Sephora locations and online. These lipsticks boast 50% more pigmentation than most lipsticks. They are long-lasting, come in 50 shades, and they have three different formulas: pearl, matte, and satin.

My first review was for the #21 bright red pearl and my second was for the creamy, satin #45, a blue-toned scarlet red.

This review is for the satin #43 or the "Moulin Rouge" shade. This color was apparently created with the famed Moulin Rouge in Paris. Although the Moulin Rouge name is a limited edition promotion for Fall 2010,  the shade is permanent.

The color is a true, bright neutral red. It has a blend of both cool and warm tones. In a certain light, I detected a slight a blue undertone. However, when I swatched the #45 right next to the #43, the latter was definitely warmer.

The texture is creamy and soft, but it is not "wet" or "slidey." The Rouge Artist Intense satins have a good balance of slip and grip when they are applied to lips. The satins are indeed long-lasting but they are not "iron-clad." I need to touch-up every couple of hours and after eating.

The pigmentation is very intense. One swipe of color is all I needed for total opacity. I also noticed that when I used cold cream to clean off my arm swatch, I could still see color left behind.

Here is the #43 swatched on my right inner arm:
Here is me, wearing the #43, earlier today (I am also wearing my new green, hand-knit snood!):
If you desire rich, intense color with a creamy finish that lasts, then I cannot recommend Rouge Artist Intense enough!


  1. You have gorgeous eyes, the lipstick looks great.
    I love your green accesories.

  2. Thank you, Melzaelf! I just looked at my photo and I realized that I forgot to put mascara on my lower lashes! lol! That is what I get for waking up late for work!

    My green moonglow necklace is vintage 50s and I got it in Lower Manhattan in 2007. My new, hand-knit green snood is from Arthelia's Attic on Etsy!

  3. You look awesome! That lipstick really fits you! (I concur that comment about your eyes) - and I like the green of the snood! Nice combination with the flower!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, Frl. Irene!