Monday, August 16, 2010

Behold The Latest in The World of Lipstick: Rouge Artist Intense!

Like most vintage girls,  I think red lipstick not just a must-have, it is an obsession! Since I started wearing it 18 years ago, I have worn many shades, many brands, and many textures. From Revlon to Chanel, I  I have tried every variation, creation, and formulation. I love MAC red mattes but I have 'been there and done that.' Revlon reds, as much as I have tried, are too often wet in formula or off in color. Chanel is too expensive for often a lackluster shade range and texture. And while Nars comes close to lipstick heaven, I feel like I have worn out the few colors I like.

However, there is a "new kid in town" and her name is Rouge Artist Intense ($19.00 USD). This brand-spankin' new range of 50 shades is from Make Up For Ever and boy-oh-boy, the reds are just GORGEOUS!  According to the company information, these lipsticks have 50% more pigment than most formulas and they are long-lasting.

I have been waiting excitedly for this line to come out and when Sephora finally released them, I literally raced over to the nearest location. Sadly, the Sephora closest to my house only had one color on display (the Moulin Rouge color) and according to one of the sales associates, the rest were in the back in boxes. The staff here did not seem motivated to set the lipsticks out so I promptly left.

I made my way over to the larger, yet further away, Sephora and when I stepped in the door, there they were: the ENTIRE display of Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks! I was in total red lipstick bliss!

The range of textures is matte, pearl, and satin. There are 8 mattes, one them being a classic vintage red but it was way too dry. It made MAC's Ruby Woo seem moist! There was one red pearl shade, #21, that I grabbed immediately. I do not have a red pearl in my collection so this color was a good choice. There are at least 6 reds in the satin formula that caught my eye, especially #42 (a warm-based, bright red) but I refrained (at least for now). Make Up For Ever has made these lipsticks permanent to their line so they are not limited edition. Therefore, I do not need to rush.

After playing with several colors, me and my #21 lipstick made our way over to the register. I paid and left. Time to go home and make dinner. It was lasagna night and I was getting hungry. As soon as I got in the car, I quickly opened the box and slid out the black, shiny tube. I twisted up the lipstick and I applied it to my lips. I wanted to die. The color was a bright, true red with a soft golden sheen. Thankfully, the pearl effect was not "disco ball" at all.  Instead, it was more of a light shimmer. The red pigment totally outweighs the shimmer. I would not describe the look as frosty at all.

The formula felt light yet creamy. The color had grip as it was applied but I would not deem it "draggy" or rough. The texture is creamy yet firm. I lined my lips with NYX's lip liner in Red Hot. It paired with the #21 nicely. The lipstick lasted a couple of hours before I had to touch up. After eating dinner,  I noticed the lipstick was mostly eaten off but traces of shimmer and color remained.  There was a light, even red cherry stain on my lips.

I LOVE this lipstick and I want more NOW. I think I will eventually get the#42 orange-based red satin and the #43 true red satin. Like I stated earlier, the Rouge Artist Intense line is permanent so I will wait.

Here is the tube:

Here is the bottom of the tube:

Here is the actual product in the tube:

Here is a swatch on my inner right arm:
Shade #21 applied on my lips with NYX lip liner in Red Hot:

Here is my makeup overall today:

I cannot recommend these lipsticks enough for red lipstick girls/or vintage girls! The colors are amazing, the texture is wonderful, and the intensity of color is nothing I have ever experienced. So, if you are on the hunt for a knock-em-dead red lipstick, you HAVE to try Rouge Artist Intense!


  1. thanks for posting this - i've had my eye on these and need to get out to my sephora to see if they have them in stock. I'm dying to see number 8, which is the matte bright red and see how it compares to the fantastic Illamsqua Box (a great vintage red that is not as drying as ruby woo - and creamier/brighter than Russian Red)

  2. You are so welcome, Shrinky Inky! The matte red for MUFE is a bit dry (at least to me) and the color reminds me of Russian Red or Nars' Red Lizard. I love both those colors but I already have them in my collection. If you like bright, powerhouse reds, then the Moulin Rouge #43 satin red might be to your liking. It is a true red that is a neutral. The formula is very creamy but it is not wet or "alick." It is also brighter than Russian Red. If you like the formula of Ruby Woo, then I say go for the #8!

  3. thank for this..I been wondering to get this brand of make have lovely lips..the lady on the header looks like pretty.

  4. That color looks fantastic on you! I have not heard of the collection til now...I am gonna have to make my way to a Sephora :)

    Oh, great job on comparing and giving more info on the colors :)

  5. Boo hoo we don't have Sephora in the UK :o(

  6. You're welcome, La Dama! And thank you so much for the sweet compliment! This lipstick is indeed a winner for vintage girls looking for intense color payoff and smooth texture! I am going to get 42, 43, and possibly 44. Love them!

  7. Sirens Sexy,

    Thanks for the compliments! This collection can be seen at:

    The girl running the blog swatched the ENTIRE line of lipsticks! Visit the link and you can see how the different colors look on skin.

    I want the bright red satins for sure!

  8. That is a shame, Straight Talking Mama! Sephora is amazing! Maybe if you have a friend in the US, they can get the color you want and mail it to you. I have done this for my cousins in Croydon and Dublin. They also send me Kimberly biscuits, Roses chocolates, and they even send my mum boxes of Oxo and marrowfat peas. My mom is from Dublin and moved here to the US in 1964. All of her immediately family still lives overseas in the UK and Ireland.

  9. Yes it's a pain, there is one in France, and I do go when we go over there but of course that's not often.

    That's great that you have supplies sent from the UK, I'm sure there are things I would have to have sent if I moved to the US, chocolate included!

  10. Straight Talking Mama,

    I heard there was a Sephora in London but it is gone. I wonder what happened!

    As for UK goodies, the food is lovely and the tea cannot be beat. I actually think the chocolate in the UK is so much better than the stuff we have here. The American Hershey's is too sweet. Flake, Aero, Milky Bar, Roses, and Quality Street are all so good! But, the two chocolates I do not like are Crunchy and Turkish Delight! Too sweet!