Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Retro Kitchen Dreams CAN Come True! - Elmira Oven Works

Behold the North Star Oven from Elmira Oven Works! This is not a vintage oven. It is a modern repro. I want it. Now. I just need to win the lottery.

Anyway, I found out about Elmira when I was in my doctor's waiting room a few years ago. I was flipping through Architectural Digest and when I saw an advertisement promotion featuring the North Star series of ovens, fridges, ranges, splashbacks, microwaves, and dishwasher covers; I wanted to run out and found the nearest showroom that offered all those retro kitchen goodies.

Like I said, if I had the money, I would totally re-do my 80s era kitchen. I would replace all the appliances with robin's egg blue wares. I would replace vinyl flooring with black and white tile. Then I would put on one of my vintage aprons and never leave. I would bake and cook all day. Who needs to go to work when I have a dream kitchen to play in?!

Here is the website:


Here are the colors available:


What do you think? I say "drool-worthy" for sure!


  1. Those are so cool--my 1952 house came complete with a 1954 Roper oven (I squealed with joy when I first saw the kitchen), but I would love to have a matching retro fridge!

  2. Jittgerbugdoll,

    Wow! That must have truly been so amazing! And to have a vintage house is even better! My house was built in the mid-80s.

    The Elmira North Star stuff is so cool. When the husband and I get our next house, I would love to do the kitchen with some of their appliances.

  3. I was so thrilled to find my house--I knew I wanted historic, but finding something that hadn't been gutted (and that was also affordable and in a decent area) was really hard. I bought my house from an investor, but she definitely appreciated vintage as she left all of the cool details (tile, cabinets, etc.) instead of destroying it in the style my sister calls "flipper beige" (cheap beige carpet and tile, nondescript cheap beige cabinets, etc.) I've lived there for almost a year and I love it!

  4. My 1953 house was redone right before my husband and I bought it... to a 2008 blandness. I can't wait to restore my kitchen to its (likely) original glory, but for now my husband can't bear the thought of demo-ing perfectly good (yet ugly) oak cabinets. I agree through, that oven is amazing!

    And ahve you seen the new Smeg refriderators?

  5. Jitterbugdoll,

    "Flipper beige!" That is too funny and too true! When I bought my 80s house in 1996, the carpets were indeed beige and most of the walls were beige too! Yuck!

    But what was really bad was the dusty pink trim in my dining/living room! When the husband and I toured the house before the previous owners moved out, the living room curtains were teal. So picture it: beige walls, pink trim, and teal curtains! lol!

    When my best friend and I repainted the house, the pink was the first thing to go!

    As for your 50s home, that is great that the investor kept the vintage appointments! Most people want it gone. Which is sad!

  6. I know--why bother buying a historic house if you don't like vintage style?

    My sister has bought two houses that both had the most horrible dusty pink kitchen countertops--which she promptly replaced !

    We just painted the kitchen--you would love it as the walls are now 1950s robin's egg blue (to match the dials on the stove, of course!)

  7. Nicole,

    The Smeg line is very neato keen! Thank you for sharing the link! I will bookmark the website and add to my 'dream list' of vintage/atomic housewares!

    A 1953 house! I am jealous! lol! I hope you are able to restore it to its former beauty! When my friend's mom restored her 1900s house, they found beautiful wood floors under the carpets and even in the kitchen. The walls also had those sliding door panels!

    I want my next home to be in the mountains of Colorado. I would love to have a ski chalet style and do it like a 50s ski home!

    I would love to have the "George Jetson" house on Genesee Mountain! The construction began in the 60s and was left unfinished for many years. Woody Allen filmed part of his movie "Sleeper" there too. The house was abandoned for years and a few years ago, a man bought it and totally finished and furnished it in the true Eames style! When I was in Denver about two years ago, the local ABC News affiliate did a story on the house. The interior is just gorgeous!

  8. Oh I love those Stoves but not only are they expensive, you can't even get them in the UK, so I need to win the lottery I think so I can buy a house in the US so I can have one ;o)

  9. I love them!I go on their site fairly often and day dream of owning their stove,fridge and dishwasher cover!

  10. Straight Talking Mama,

    Aren't these appliances just gorgeous? And like you said, they are totally expensive! I wish they had a "scratch and dent" place where we could buy them at outlet prices!

  11. Art Deco Dame,

    I do the same thing! I have the Elmira site in my bookmarks. I window shop online and just keep dreaming! One day I will have my kitchen of retro bliss!

  12. That North Star oven is awesome! Another line that has wonderful modern repro kitchen appliances is http://bigchillfridge.com/site/ Their robin's egg fridge would go perfectly with the North Star oven! ;-)

  13. Yes, Andi, it is indeed! I want the whole line!

  14. Crafty Doll,

    Thanks for the awesome link! Those Big Chill fridges and ovens are gorgeous! And like the Elmira line, expensive! Why are do the cool things I want cost so much?! According to the website, the nearest Big Chill dealer is in Maryland. I wonder if any of these repro places have 'scratch and dent' showrooms.

  15. You're welcome! It will be a long while before I'm able to have my dream kitchen too. *sigh* I swear, the makers of repro products know that there is a small yet devoted market for this and are willing to shell out the big bucks (if they have to) to get what they want... especially since they aren't widely available. It's a conspiracy I tell ya! Lol

    Hmm, that is a good question about the showrooms. Off to Google. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know!

  16. Crafty Doll,

    You got that right! We vintage lovers are indeed a captive audience and the makers of repro goods know this! Like I said, I would love to go to a local "scratch and dent" place and find repro fridges, microwaves, and ovens with slight flaws for cheaper prices! My sister went to such a place and found a brushed steel Cusinart oven for super cheap! The only flaw was a scratch on the back!

  17. Drool worthy for sure!! Love those and the fridges!

  18. Tara,

    Isn't the Elmira stuff just out of this world!? I also love the Big Chill line too! Oh to be a millionaire!