Monday, August 30, 2010

My Middy Plus Haircut (The High and Lows)

So today at 9:30 am, I went to my salon for a much-needed trim and color touch-up on my roots. Unfortunately, my stylist of three years, Corry, was unable to do my hair. He cut his hand while boating with friends yesterday and he had to get stitches. He is okay but he will be out of work for a week.

The salon tried to contact me in order to inform me of Corry's demise but I was away visiting family. Thankfully, another stylist was able to take me and do my hair. Part of me wanted to wait but my roots were really obvious and my hair was no longer curling well.  As a result, I have been wearing snoods for the past week.

Even though I have never worked with this stylist before, I know her and she is super nice. Her clients' color and up-dos always look amazing.  She did a great job on my hair color and highlights but when it came to my Middy Plus, I am not sure it went as well.

Last time I had my hair cut, Corry gave me a Middy. My longest length was about 3 and 3/4 inches and this time around my longest length was just shy of 5 inches. The sides are to be cut 4 inches and then 3 inches by the ears.

After my hair was colored, shampooed, conditioned, and rinsed I gave the stylist the Middy Plus diagram print out above. She studied it a bit and let said, "Okay" with a smile. As my hair was cut and styled with the blow dryer, I thought my hair did not look quite right. I mean, my hair wasn't " angst-worthy" or "I hate it and now I am going to cry-worthy." Instead, something felt "off."

For one, my bettie bangs were cut with longer sides instead of the middle section being longer with shorter, curved sides.

Secondly, the back/bottom section of my hair, i.e. the nape of my neck, didn't have that distinct "U" shape. It seems more like a wide arch or a "C" on its side shape.

This is the front (after I went home and fixed my bangs. I  think I need to trim more on the right side):

This is the side:

This is the back:
I am not sure but the back, bottom section is bothering me. Maybe I need to see how it looks wet.

Next time my stylist is out of commission, I am going to wait. I will wear snoods and hair scarves until my appointment.  He knows my hair well and I should be patient and stick to who knows my hair best.

So, what do you girls think?


  1. Stylists never get your bangs right unless you tell them "U-Shaped, with the sides shorter than the middle." I had bettie bangs many times, and I always end up maintaining them myself. It's just easier that way.

    Your color looks good!

  2. I love your haircolor it looks very nice.
    I cut my own bangs and I am sure sometimes they me be a little uneven or something.. but if I make a mistake.. its okay.
    If I went to a salon and they made a mistake.. I will be upset for hours. haha

  3. Kim,

    Thanks for the compliment! My color did turn out great but the cut has got me a bit buffaloed. My stylist Corry always does amazing u-shaped bangs while most stylists do this weird, "shorter in the middle/longer on the sides" thing. Or, they cut straight across. Talk about unflattering!

    I bought a pair of professional shears from Ulta about a week ago and I used them today to fix the bangs. When I need a bang trim in about two weeks, Corry can fix them completely and then I can just follow the lines better.

  4. Melzaelf,

    Thanks! The color is lovely but my Middy is not quite right and its bugging me. I know it is just hair but I am still annoyed! The U-shaped layers are vital for the cut and since it seems that I have wide "C" on its side shaped layers, the back is bad.

  5. nothing much makes us quite as un-right as a haircut that doesn't feel right! That'ts what happened at mt last 'trim'
    I want to get mine cut a bit shorter, more like Elizabeth Taylors' in the late 50's..but I am scared!!

  6. I have had the same hairdresser for 8 years, she knows exactly how to cut and color it and I would be so upset if she moved away! I think your hair looks nice anyway, but yes - def. stick with your favoured stylist for the results you like best :)

  7. If I saw you on the street walking by, or sitting next to me at a restaurant - I'd think, wow, she's got a great vintage hairstyle! So please don't worry too much about it. You still look fabulous. :-)

  8. How do you make your bangs look that perfect?

  9. I, too, think you look fabulous. However, I know that not having the right hairstylist tends to put a damper on how you -exactly- want your hair. When I got my hair chopped off (and before I found those vintage cut charts), the gal cutting my hair had no idea what pin curls or victory rolls are! I still have yet to get a proper vintage cut.

    I think if its not too expensive, when your regular stylist is back in commission, schedule a "touch up" to get the style you want. This type of appointment might also save any relationship you might have developed with the other stylist.

  10. Honey Bee,

    I know what you mean! I am feeling better about my hair today. I think the length at the nape of the neck was not laying/looking right because of the way the stylist blew it dry. It looks better today. My bangs needed to be fixed and I fixed them myself when I got home and I trimmed the longer side last night.

  11. Clare,

    That is great that you have someone you trust for 8 years! I have my beloved Corry for three years now and I was really worried about his hand! He cannot work for about a week due to the stitches. I would have waited but my hair was looking so bad since we had to reschedule once before he got hurt. I was wearing snoods for the past week. Yet, if something comes up again, I will just tough it out. It is just hair after all! lol

  12. Sarsaparilla,

    Thank you so much for the compliments! You are so kind! I know that most people do not even see my hair being off! I mean, not even my husband of 14+ years noticed! lol! I am just so picky when it comes to my hair. I know it's silly! I was able to fix my bangs myself and today the back looks better. I think the back was just styled weird but the cut is okay.

  13. Miss Kristiansen,

    Takk for ditt kompliment! I get my vintage cuts done professionally but I maintain my "bettie bangs" myself. They are a cut somewhat straight across now instead of curved. The stylist yesterday was not familiar with the curved cut of the bangs but my bangs grow fast so when I get my bang trim in about two weeks, I will go visit my stylist of three years and he can fix them. When my bangs get trimmed, I maintain them myself by just following the lines.

  14. FondueGoddess,

    Thank you for the lovely comments and great suggestion! I will go visit my stylist Corry in two weeks for a bang trim. Then not only can he fix my bangs, hopefully, he will know that he is appreciated.

  15. I had the same stylist for years and then she up and moved to Hawaii one day!! I was devastated! Luckily I found a girl at the same salon who does vintage styles really well. Your style looks cute but something does seem off in the back. Like its too straight across or something. Its not bad though, but I get what you're saying. Even though I love my current stylist I feel like the back underneath part is too long, so I may need to go back for a touch up. I'm picky like you. When somethings 'off', even a little, I freak out!

  16. Holly,

    Ah-ha! I *knew* the back looked too straight!! Dang it! I was right about it being a wide "c" on its side shape inside of a U!

    Do you think my stylist can fix it when he gets back from his injury (in about a week) or does my hair need to have more length (more time to grow) in order to re-shape it?

    As for your stylist, what a lucky gal to be able to live in Hawaii but sad for you that she left! I love my Corry and I feel lost without him due to his injury. If I need a cut and he cannot do it due to an illness, being on vacation, etc, I am gonna wait! I will wear a dang wig if I have to! lol

  17. Allright. They look very perfect :) og takk selv! ;)