Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Latest Vintage Buys

Over the last two weeks, I have purchased some new vintage goodies. I also bought three hand-knit snoods from a great seller on Etsy. Brittany over at Va Voom Vintage recently showed off her pretty snoods from the same seller and I knew I had to ditch the rayon "cheapies" for the quality yarn snoods! I have not gotten them yet but as soon as I do, I am going to post pictures.

Nevertheless, here are the latest goods:

A 50s vintage pearl and shell sweater guard. The ends grip my cardigans super tight! I love the delicate look!

A barely worn, plaid, 1950s house coat that I bought for 15.00 USD!

A super bright orange, boomerang shaped ceramic ashtray (looks never used!). I do not smoke but it is so cool to display in my living room!

A fabulous pink and gold ceramic starburst tray! Is this atomic heaven or what?!

A mottled green bakelite spacer that I got for 24.00 USD


  1. Cool finds! Ive seen lamps that would match that pink starburst tray perfectly!

  2. love it all!that house coat is wonderful!

  3. atomic goodness! Does it fit in well with the rest of your atomic decor around the house? Or maybe the more important question -- have you found the perfect place for it yet?

  4. OoHh that housecoat is sooo cute, I would just wanna keep drinking coffee and lounging around in the house if I had that. haha
    All your finds are lovely that ashtray is freakin fantastic also.

  5. oh fabulous! Love the pink starburst tray wow!

  6. Thanks, Atomic Mama! I would love to have a lamp that matches my pink starburst tray. Actually, I have been trying to find atomic-era lamps, even lampshades, but it has been hard. And what I do find is so expensive! I think I need to find some estate sales in my area.

  7. Art Deco Dame,

    The house coat is wonderful and it has become a morning staple! I get up out of bed, take off one of my vintage 50s nightgowns, and change into this house coat and make breakfast before work. Also, if a neighbor or UPS happens to ring my door, I look decent and not like some schelp in her nightgown!

  8. FondueGoddess,

    The starburst tray is currently on my foyer table and the ashtray is on a side table in my adjacent living room. A while back, I posted pictures showing my vintage home decor in progress. I need more wares for sure! I would also love to get my hands on some Eames-era fabric to make curtains for my living and dining room windows!

  9. Melzaelf,

    The house coat is my morning and weekend must-have and I think I want at least two more! They are cozy, cute, and make me feel more "put together" in case a neighbor drops by.

  10. Straight Talking Mama,

    Isn't that pink tray is to die for?! Like Atomic Mama said, I would love a matching lamp to go with it! I also want a 50s buffet table for my dining room. I have most of my flatware and linens stuffed in the drawers of my china cabinet and I think the table would be great for storage and for the look.

  11. cute finds..never had luck finding a sweater the housedress too..oooooh that pink starburst ashtray.

  12. La Dama,

    I have found my sweater guard on Etsy! I paid about 10.00 USD for it. I found several sellers offering a variety of sweater guards too. I was hard to pick!

    The pink starburst tray is my best home find so far! Even the husband loves it!