Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pin Curl Guide from the 40s!

Pin Curls. They are the backbone of most vintage hairstyles. I have always had trouble with them. However, Brittany over at the amazing Va Voom Vintage Blog did an outstanding, fabulous tutorial showing the proper way to do pin curls! As soon as I go to Sally Beauty supply to get some more pin curl clips, I am going to finally try do pin curls again. When I attempted to do a set about a month ago, my hair was an absolute disaster! Not only was the curl going in all directions, I had these little "hook end" bits at the end of each curl. What I really have difficulty with is knowing what direction to spiral the curls in and how to place them on my head.

So, I was really pleased when I found Brittany's tutorial and then this online photo showing curls for a lovely 40s style! It really illustrates the proper directions that curls should go in! It also shows thickness of each curl and placement on the head.

I am excited now to try pin curling again!


  1. *sigh* I suffer the same fate that you do every time I try to do pincurls. Darn those hook-ends! And, ironically enough, I read Brittany's tutorial about pincurls and she gave me inspiration too!

    I'll post up pictures of my results from her guide on my blog -- are you planning on doing the same? Good luck to the next attempt!

    loves loves loves

  2. The FondueGoddess,

    I love your name! I guess I am not alone when it comes to those pesky hook ends! I will definitely do a follow up post with pics when I have successfully conquered the pin curl!

    Brittany's hair came out so lovely! She and Holly from Temperamental Broad always have amazing vintage hair! They are quite inspirational indeed!

  3. That's exactly how I felt when I read Brittany's post... inspired to give it a try again!

    Must be a sign of a good post!

  4. I've always been pretty lucky with curling my hair, but I do agree she did a great tutorial!

  5. Pictures as promised.



  6. Nicole,

    It was a good post! That Brittany is just amazing!

  7. Straight Talking Mama,

    I wish I could have your luck! I am good at using curling irons and hot rollers but I really wanted to do pin curls so I can wake up with curls and also to give my hair a break from heat. I just need to practice.

  8. The Fondue Goddess,

    I can relate completely! I had the same experience! If you have success with your new attempt, let me know!