Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fixed Bangs-The Middy Plus

Yesterday, I posted about my not-so-spectacular Middy Plus haircut.  My favorite stylist of three years was out due to an injured hand and I had already rescheduled my appointment the week before. My hair was in snoods to cover the roots and the fact my ends were not longer laying right. I had another stylist in the same salon cut and color my hair. My color was done so beautifully but my bangs were cut with longer sides and a short mid-section. Also, the back section of my hair was cut too straight instead in the standard U shape.

Even though the back section is going to have to wait to be fixed, I went ahead and fixed my bangs yesterday afternoon.

So, my bangs are okay now, but the back needs help. Do I need to wait another 6 weeks to have it fixed (so it can grow a bit) or can my stylist fix it when he gets back in about a week or so?

What do you think, gals?


  1. I think you look smashing. I see no problems at all!

  2. Thank you, Darlene! I am just super picky which I know is silly! lol!

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  4. Your hair really does look good but you aren't going to be happy with it until your regular stylist does it "right". I would wait the 6 weeks to get it "fixed"...that will give your stylist more ability to do it proper. You don't have to hide behind snoods either as it looks really good!

  5. It's hard to say. I have always had easy hair to style, that adjusts to different ways of styling as it grows. I love long hair and am afraid to have it cut for fear of it being cut too short. I actually only trim my hair about twice a year, which I know isn't good for it, but it's all I need. I also color my hair myself. I guess I just have major trust issues when it comes to letting people mess with my hair.

    I would let it grow for 6 weeks and then go back to your guy so you won't lose length. My bias for long hair is what makes me say that ;)

  6. I also think your hair looks great, however I'm like Kim I have easy hair to style so even when a mistake has been made I'm usually ok. Good luck whatever you decide

  7. Thanks for all the insight and compliments, gals! I really appreciate it!

    I think I am going to wait for 6 weeks to get my hair fixed. I noticed that when wet, the left side of my hair is cut properly in the Middy style and the right side, I am not kidding, looks like a mullet! I am so annoyed! Curling it has proved to be impossible on the right side since it is not cut properly at all. This makes the curl want to fall out. I am in a snood today. I gave up with trying to get it to behave.