Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's Vintage Look

I apologize for the tiny picture and the look on my face! I look too serious! I was in the mall getting some skincare at Sephora and on the way out to the parking lot, I decided that one of the the full-length mirrors would show my outfit better. Earlier this morning, I tried taking a photo in my bathroom and it came out bad!

Anyway, this is one of my more professional-esque vintage looks (I was on my lunch break). I am wearing a 50s vintage yellow rayon blouse with a lace detail. I bought this blouse at a vintage clothing boutique in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia on Father's Day weekend. I paid 20.00 USD for it.

I am wearing a yellow camisole from Old Navy underneath the blouse since it is sheer. I paid about 5.00 USD for the camisole (it was on sale). The black pencil skirt is a high-waist design with a side zipper. I found it browsing the racks at Forever 21 about a year ago and it cost about 17.50 USD.

My shoes are black leather, slingback 1940s-esque platforms with a stacked, thick heel. I found these on Zappos over two years ago and I paid about $180.00 USD. The shoes are still in great condition which is good because I wear them a lot. I feel that if I am going to pay top dollar for shoes, they should be good quality and a style that will go with everything. The highest I will pay for shoes is $200.00 USD. I almost bought a pair of black patent Gucci wedge platforms at Neiman Marcus. They cost $620! I realized I was being impulsive! I was also in Vegas so I think all the glamour and glitz was getting to my head!

My bag is late 50s/early 60s vintage. I bought this lovely on Etsy and I paid about $13.00 USD. The bag is cream and taupe basket weave style that features a tortoiseshell-colored lucite clasp. My necklace is a 1950s, three-tiered style made with yellow plastic beads and off-white faux pearls. I bought this during the same Fredericksburg trip and I paid about $8.00 USD.

My hair was done the day before and I simply sprayed on some dry shampoo and recurled a few sections. I put in a couple bobby pins,  put in a hair flower, sprayed with hairspray, and I was out the door.


  1. Love this look, very cute, especially for work clothes!

  2. You look awesome, as always. I really love the way you put outfits together. I may have to take a day trip to Fredericksburg, Va and check out that shop! I wore a plaid 50's house/dress today while antiquing with my daughter in Ellicott City. I need to work on it a bit, still a bit to "frumpy" for my taste (can't decide if it's the fabric, colors or just the cut. Maybe a belt would help....) Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  3. Thank you, Nicole! I have a black cardigan today as well but it was too hot outside to wear it. I usually wear a cardigan at work because our AC is insanely cold!

    If we have a guest, client, or site inspection at our office, I will wear a three-button, black jacket from Ann Taylor.

  4. Sue,

    Thank you for the kind words! Downtown Fredericksburg is great. It has a great couple of antique malls, vintage clothing boutiques, a few preppy shoe stores and clothing stores, nice bistro dining, and a few furniture stores. There is also a nice, old-fashioned ice cream palor that my niece and nephew liked. The main antique mall is big so if you go, take your time and browse each section. There are so many cute things tucked away!

    If your 50s dress is frumpy, maybe you can add a thick, fun belt to define/enhance your waistline! Depending on the color scheme, sometimes a pop of red or patent black can do wonders! Also, if you really love it, get it tailored. Tailoring can make all the difference.

  5. Thank you, Straight Talking Mama! I wanted to wear one of my vintage frocks today but I had meetings. Tomorrow is Friday so I think I will wear one of my circle dresses with a crinoline! I am going to a birthday party/dinner for a work colleague tomorrow night after work.

  6. Looking gorgeous!
    I need to find some cute shoes like you have. I thought I did when I scored a pair of hush puppie black Mary Janes for $3.00 that looked barely used.. Until I wore them and realized they dig into the front of my feet. =(
    When I am rushing or in a hurry trying to take a picture.. I always end up looking serious too. haha

  7. You look fantastic! I love the yellow heels :)

  8. Thank you, Malzaelf! Those shoes are one of favorites. They are made by Delman and they are super comfortable! I paid a lot but it was worth it! I once paid 20 dollars for a pair of heels and I wore them out to dinner and drinks with friends. By the end of the night, the shoes were so stretched out that they were literally falling off my feet. I threw them out when I got home.

  9. Thank you, Atomic Mama! I love this outfit because yellow and black look great together and because it cost me just $42.50! (before tax)

    When I first started wearing vintage daily, I used to buy things without paying much mind to the price. All I cared about was getting the "right look," but now, I am all about the "deal" and a look that suits me.

  10. OK - I will definitely plan a day trip to Fredericksburg - sounds like heaven!! Thanks for the tips on the dress. It's white pink and blue plaid - so I am kind of thinking a pink belt might be fun.... And I need the right shoes! (looks like more shopping in my future!)

  11. Love the lemon yelow blouse. Even though Im a redhead I never wear yellow - I've always thought it looks wrong on me - but it looks great on you! :)