Monday, August 23, 2010

Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Review # 2- Satin #45

This is my second review for Make Up For Ever's new Rouge Artist Intense lipstick ($19.00 USD). In my first post, I reviewed satin lipstick number 21 (a pearl), a bright red shade infused with a soft shimmer.

I have to say that Make Up For Ever (MUFE), really has struck gold with this lipstick! As stated previously, Rouge Artist Intense comes in 50 different shades ranging from nudes, pinks, reds, browns to purple and black. It also has three formulas; matte, satin, and pearl. The color is very pigmented and the texture is quite creamy. Unlike most creamy lipsticks, Rouge Artist Intense's satin formula does not slide off the lips or feel greasy. I would say it has a good balance of slip and grip.

After falling head over heels for my first shade, the pearly 21, I ordered two satin reds (#45 and #43) from  When I swatched various satin reds on the back of my hand in the store, the colors were amazingly intense and felt moist but not "wet." As much as I would have loved the vintage-esque red matte shade, #8, I cannot wear it! It is so drying! The lipstick bullet literally dragged on my lips as I applied the color. I think the mattes could be better suited with a clear gloss on top to counteract the parched texture.

I am going to review the #43 satin red in another post. Now, I will review #45 satin red.

The 45 satin is a very blue-based red that is classic vintage! The color is bright yet the blue undertones make it slightly deeper in color. The overall hue is very cherry-toned and the color makes teeth look super white. For those familiar with MAC lip pencils, MAC's pencil in Cherry is a spot-on match for the #45.

The texture is creamy and soft. The color slides on so well with no drag. Like I said earlier, the satin formula is indeed creamy as heck, but it is not wet. I did not feel like I needed to blot. One swipe/layer of color is all I needed. The color is bold and pigmented.
This is the bottom of my two Rouge Artist Intense Satins.

This is a swatch of the color on my inner right arm.
This is me, wearing the 45 satin red. I am sorry I look so tired!
So, if you are looking for creamy, long-lasting, and highly pigmented range of vintage-looking red lipsticks; then maybe the Rouge Artist Intense colors are for you!


  1. I definatly have to get over to my Sephora to try them. I really hope I can swatch them :)

  2. Sirens Sexy,

    The collection is great! I am so glad MUFE made these permanent! I think most Sephoras will have these lipsticks now. I went to a larger store instead of the smaller one closer to my house and they had everything in stock and on display!