Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Snow Day in DC

This is a view of my street yesterday afternoon. The snow was really coming down and I was in winter wonderland heaven! The wee morning hours brought snow which turned to rain as the morning progressed. But around 1 pm, the rain turned to sleet and by 3 pm, the temperature dropped and snow began falling. I drove to Michaels Crafts in my father-in-law's truck while it was sleeting and I spotted several spun-out cars on Interstate 66. Most commuters were driving slow, marred in a state of panic. I quickly bought a few art supplies and drove home before the traffic and/or chaos got worse.

The DC area is first in the nation (tied with Chicago) for worst traffic. Combine the intense gridlock with a wintery mix bag of precipitation and you get absolute pandemonium! My husband, who normally has an hour + drive home, was stuck in traffic for three hours!

This is the back deck last night:
I was so happy to wake up this morning and see my neighborhood coated in snow! I estimate the area got about 7+ inches! I just wish we lived in the mountains because I would be skiing in heartbeat!

Today, I worked from home and I started a painting. I am doing an atomic/abstract piece that will go in my foyer. I also ran some errands and went to the post office. Due to the icy and slushy conditions, I wore my old pair of combat boots, tights, a black Cure Tee, and a pink cardigan. I also styled my hair differently.

I normally do a middle or left part in my hair but today I did a right side part. I think I like it! My blond highlights can really be seen:
 I hope everyone is staying safe and cozy this winter!


  1. Your hair is super cute parted that way!

  2. I also like your hair like that, it looks very nice!

    Holy heck you have alot of snow. Right now where I reside it is all slushy and wet.. hopefully that continues and our snow slowly dissapears.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Melzaelf! We do have a lot of snow! I wish it was snowy like this all winter long!

  4. I'm glad you were off the roads. I was sent home at 3, just in time for both the outpouring of DC workers and the storm. It took me five hours to get home. Five. Hours. Most of which were stuck behind people who had no common sense and even less goodwill toward their fellow drivers.

    I am *definitely* calling the hairdresser tomorrow. I need therapy like only a hairdresser can provide.

  5. I miss snow so much! And the little footprints our squirrels would leave in it to prove they'd been raiding the bird-feeder again...

  6. Ooooh pretty, well only pretty if you're not having to travel I guess!

  7. So glad you got the snow that you've been wishing for! I also love your hair that way. How nice for you that your bangs are versatile enough to have two very different looks.

    I'm a little late on the news that you changed your blog name. I love it! Interesting that you feel like you're the only vintage lover in the DC area. I'm feeling pretty lonely out here in Minnesota too. Our British blogging friends have a huge advantage - there are so many vintage lovers in a relatively compact area.

  8. Wow, that is some snowfall! I wish it would snow agan here, so pretty.

    Your hair looks great parted like that, really makes the most of the blonde streak x

  9. Kate,

    What a terrible commute! 5 hours! Wow! I am lucky I got home when I did. My husband told me that people were just driving like dummies and they had no business being on the road.

    I hope are able to get an appointment with Corry! Your hair will be so happy!

  10. Emma,

    I have seen a few squirrels out and about during the snow. They drive my cat nuts! It is snowing again today and I love it!

  11. Fiona,

    The snow is pretty but it is difficult to drive in if you have a small car. I am borrowing my father-in-law's 4 wheel drive truck (he's in Florida for two months) and it's amazing! I feel like am in a tank! I can plow through anything, including ice and thick piles of snow!

  12. Thank you for the comment and compliment, Susan! I am enjoying having my blond highlights once again! I also have been enjoying this snow! I just need big mountains so I can ski!

    As for my blog name, I thought I would have fun with the fact I seem to be one of the few people, in the entire DC area who are vintage! This town is a government/political epicenter so vintage is rare.

  13. Thanks for the compliment, Penny Dreadful! I did my hair in rolls today with the same part and I like the way it came out! It is actually snowing again (only an inch) today and the yard looks so pretty. The roads are wet, slushy mess but I prefer that over rain!

  14. I have been hearing horror stories from all my coworkers about 11 hour commutes and going to sleep in their cards on 495. i stayed home that day. thank god.

  15. Psycho Sue,

    I saw on your info page that you are in the DC area too! Yay! I love your blog and adore your style!

    When my husband told me there was still major gridlock on 495 and even 66, I thought he was exaggerating but alas, it was true! Craziness! I stayed home that day too but I just went to a local Michaels's and it took me over an hour to get home and on a normal day it takes me ten minutes. And that was when the snow/sleet was just starting!