Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 Things About Me

I have decided to a post sharing a little bit about myself and I hope I can learn a little bit about you girls too.

1. I was born Tara, 35 years ago, in Richmond, Virginia.

2. My favorite food is sushi or Indian cuisine. (Too hard to pick!)

3. My favorite cocktail is a dry, Belvedere Martini.

4. I am extremely afraid of spiders and snakes.

5. My favorite color is hot pink.

6. My favorite lipstick shade is MAC's Lady Danger.

7. I have been with the same wonderful man for 16 years.

8. I cannot parallel park to save my life.

9. I speak two languages other than English.

10. My childhood crushes were Bruce Willis from Moonlighting and Ricky from Silver Spoons.

11. I have wanted a mint green and white '57 Belair since I was 16.

12. I have been wearing vintage on and off since high school but I have been wearing it daily since 2006.

13. I prefer to wear styles from the early 40s to the late 50s.

14. I wish people dressed more elegantly.

15. I love shoes, especially 40s wedges and platforms!

16. I am very clumsy.

17. I have been wearing red lipstick since I was 17. The very first shade I ever bought was "Sumptuous Bronze" Velvet Touch Lipstick by Revlon (a deep, frosty red with a copper undertone).

18. I have 7 tattoos.

19. Rudeness drives me crazy!

20. I collect hippo-themed stuff.

21. I love Fiestaware!

22. I love snowy winter and hot summers.

23. I have tinnitus.

24. I am left-handed.

25. My favorite ice cream is rocky road.

26. I love bakelite and moonglow jewelry.

27. I can't dance!

28. I always cry at the end of "Strictly Ballroom."

29. My favorite movie is "Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

30. I have the same best friend since 1988!


  1. Its always nice to know more about fellow bloggers....I think as humans we are naturally inquisitve (nosey!) A 57' Belair is my favorite car too - but I would have a red and cream one :)

  2. Wow, you look STUNNING in that photo! Thanks for sharing about yourself! I also always cry at the end of strictly ballroom and totally adore Priscilla!!

  3. I love Indian food! And I refuse to even attempt to parallel park. Thanks for sharing this, I always love finding out about the little random facts that really make a person who they are.

  4. Clare,

    I have seen red and white Belairs and they are just gorgeous! I would love to have a vintage car! Maybe one day!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely and sweet compliment, Brittany! The photographer, Tim Coburn, is a magician!

    Isn't "Priscilla" just the best!? I love that movie and I can even quote it! I love the scene when the boys/girls go to the tacky inn with all the painted walls! I also love the scene where the girls go to the bar and the ugly, mean lady tries to shut them down and Bernadette just puts her in her place and then all the "good ol Aussie boys" laugh!

  6. Nicole,

    I have a crazy obsession for Indian food for sure! I could eat it every day and never get tired of it! I mostly eat vegetarian with the occasional fish in my diet so Indian food with its lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower, and paneer is so perfect for me!