Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Vintage Home Part Two

Recently, I submitted a post featuring views of my vintage home. Finding the right look and searching for housewares has been a long process. I also know completing this transformation from the modern hodgepodge style to the vintage abode is going to take time and that is what makes it so fun. Even though there is a part of me that wants everything immediately, I have to be patient. I know my atomic/Eames era goodies will find me when the time is right!

Here is part of my kitchen counter. The two vintage, metal canisters were bought off Etsy. I paid 10.00 USD before shipping! My coffee pot is modern but I adorned it with an atomic rub-on decal! The decal came on a large sheet I bought from Michael's Craft store and the sheet itself cost about 3 bucks! The red tin canister was also purchased from Michael's and I also gave it an atomic look using another decal from the same set!

These are my kitchen curtains I just made last week! I made them from Circa 50 fabric that I bought off Etsy! The pattern has little starbursts all over it! I love it. I am also sorry about the ugly spider web in the lower section of my right window. A creepy arachnid has taken up residence recently and I am too afraid and too sad to kill him/her. We had a hail storm that broke a section of screen earlier this summer and I need to have it replaced.

Here is part of my den. The TV and fireplace is to the right. I have painted my mantle and brick facade white but the paint needs to be redone in certain spots. Also, the weird, furry lump on the wood floor is one of the cat's catnip toys. She just loves dragging it around the house.

This is one view of my sun room. I plan to recover the cushions with hawaiian barkcloth fabric. The whole room has a tropical feel but I want to give it a "tiki-room" makeover.

Another view of the sun room. Again the couch and cushions are going to be re-covered or replaced with more of a Hawaiian style theme. I think the couch is best suited as a solid color. I also need to replace the floor rug. It is too country-looking!

Yet another view of the sun room. I do like my wicker-type, tropical furniture and once I re-cover all the cushions with barkcloth, I think my tiki room will be well on its way.

This is a partial view of my foyer table. I made the small Eames-like print table runner. The pattern matches my living room accent cushions and dining room table's runner. The seafoam green glass dish is from the 1950s. I bought it at an antique mall last week while I was visiting my parents.

I need to replace the upstairs carpet and repaint. I also need to replace the tile in the master bath and paint. And when those things are done, I will be pretty much finished with the 'major' issues and then I can further transform my home into a vintage sanctuary!


  1. Thank you, Atomic Mama! For years, the vintage was all focused on me and now it's my house's turn! It has been fun collecting stuff and redecorating but again, there is a tiny bit of me that wants to have that 'instant gratification' fulfilled!