Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Have to Be Kidding! Overpriced Vintage Site of the Day

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been trying to find a vintage bathing suit in excellent, if not mint condition, with a price tag that won't 'break the bank.' During my Internet searches today, I found this website and this lovely 40s suit costs $499.99 USD! Wow, *only* 500 bucks, huh?

The bathing suit's description goes on to say that despite the musty smell and the fact the suit looks like it was crushed in one spot, it is in excellent condition! I am speechless. Like Temperamental Broad stated on her blog a few weeks ago, vintage clothing is still USED! So if an item is vintage and used, why in the 'H-e-double hockey sticks' would I pay 500 dollars for a musty suit? I want to know what is going on in the heads of the vintage retailers who think it is acceptable to charge these insane prices.

Here is the link for the website:


What do you girls think?


  1. very pretty but thats too much..I sold one a couple of months on ebay for £30 was too small for me.

  2. Because there really are some people out there who are willing to pay that much for something vintage...."some girls just gotta have the right vintage image"... that's why the vintage retailers charge that much for some items.

    When buyers decide to stop paying insane prices for things, the costs will come down again...but unfortunately right now, vintage is hot!

    I just got a really cute vintage suit for $15 bucks last week...I'll have to post pictures!


  3. I could recreate that suit for a tenth of the price and it would smell lovely. No thanks to $500!

  4. The store I work at has a beautiful Catalina, Black suit with a huge Rhinestone clip on one side and matching one just above the rear. It looks to never have been worn. It is priced at $165. I can send you pics if you want to email me at Kim@thebombshells.net

  5. Rip off! Just think of all the things you could buy for $500!

  6. Thank you, girls, for your thoughts and comments! I always enjoy reading your insights! Yes, a possibly "smelly" 40s vintage suit for 500 dollars is silly! And like Clare said, "just think of all the things you could buy for $500!"

    I, for one, would buy tons of vintage housewares or spend it on buying paint and tile for my master bath.

    I also agree with MaryD who stated that some retailers know how some girls are willing to spend crazy amounts of money just to have that "right vintage image." I used to be like that but now, I am about being thrifty and even using a few modern-made pieces like cardigans and pencil skirts to make up my vintage look. All it takes is a few vintage accessories, a vintage blouse, some wedges, and viola; you are done.

    I also agree that if we refuse to shell out money for high-priced vintage wares, sellers will respond and bring prices down.

  7. There are probably some things that are worth 500$ (I would think clothes getting towards antique or maybe designer items in great condition? And things that are really rare) but I think, if a vintage seller wants to charge more money they ought to put effort into cleaning, etc. For example, one of the women whose shop I frequent puts SO much effort into making her clothes look and smell lovely. So she charges more because she's put more work into it. But still not that much.
    -Andi x

  8. Andi,

    I totally agree! For example, if someone was selling an original "New Look" Dior in excellent condition, then I can totally understand the high price tag. But most vintage clothing items that hold the high prices are not worth it!

    Like MaryD said, retailers who charge high prices know that there are girls out there who are willing to pay because they just have to have the "right image."

    As for people putting efforts into their vintage wares, like cleaning, repairing, etc, I can justify that too, but only to a certain extent.