Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheap Red Lipstick Find! Dupe for MAC

I have been on the hunt for a true, blue-based matte red. I have a preference bright, blue-base reds, especially MAC's Glam and Ruby Woo. However, MAC discontinued Glam and even though I love Ruby Woo, it is so dry on my lips! I feel like I have 'desert lips' when I am wearing it. I recently bought Make Up For Ever's #205 lipstick in the hopes of finding a dupe for my beloved Glam but the #205 is more of a darker berry red, yet it's still in the bright category. I like the Make Up For Ever but it is not close enough in color to what I am looking for.

So, last night after work, as I was browsing in the cosmetics section at my local Walgreens, I spied Wet N' Wild's Mega Last Lipcolor. The lipstick retails for $3.99 USD. The two shades that caught my eye were 910D and 911D. I realized I had 910D (I lost it in my car somewhere) and even though I liked the color, it is very similar to the Revlon color "Love that Red" (a bright warm red with a touch of pinky coral) that I already wear. As a result, I opted for the blue-toned 911D.

This morning, I painstakingly peeled off the clear plastic overwrap (and ended up chipping a nail) and removed the clear lid from the shiny black tube. The lipstick has a slanted tip. It reminded me of the shape of MAC Mattene. I swirled up the lipstick and swatched it on the back of my hand:

Notice the pink tones? This 911D not only has a great matte texture, it is very close dupe of Glam and Ruby Woo. Now, I have to say that 911D is more like Ruby Woo. Glam had way more pink. Glam was more like a red-based pink than a pink-based red. Ruby Woo is a true blue red with a touch of pink and overall, I have to say that the Wet N' Wild seems to embody both MAC shades. Basically, if I had to describe the color, it would be like if Glam and Ruby Woo "had a baby."

I am impressed with this lipstick. It has a wonderful matte texture. The color feels good on my lips and it lasts all day without drying. I do need to touch up occasionally but not too much. The color is bright and the tone is perfect for me. I have to give Wet N' Wild a big kudos for this product for sure. And for $3.99, a girl cannot go wrong!

Here is me wearing 911D Mega Last Lipcolor:

So, if you girls are looking for an inexpensive, red matte lipstick, give Mega Last a try!


  1. WHAT!? Ruby Woo discontinued? I switched to the non-smudge lipstick by Mac about 4 months ago, and had no idea that my old favorite was discontinued. How sad :-(

  2. Kim,

    Oh no! SORRY! MAC did not discontinue Ruby Woo. MAC only discontinued Glam! I need to re-write that sentence to clarify! Ruby Woo is the only "Retro Matte" MAC has left in its collection and I know it is not going anywhere. Glam is gone and I am sad. I have no idea why they get rid of such great colors!

    Again, I am sorry for the confusion!


  3. Phew! You had me worried I would have to go to every Mac retailer to try to buy up their inventory...hehe.

  4. Kim,

    Again, I am sorry if I almost gave you a heart attack! lol! I would react the same way if MAC discontinued Lady Danger. I would literally die! If they ever decide to put it up on their "Goodbyes" on their website, I would buy every tube I could get my hands on! Nothing comes close to Lady Danger at all so I totally understand about having a special connection to a particular shade.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Wet N Wild. I'm always on the lookout for low-cost makeup. (Love the way you describe it as "Glam & Ruby Woo had a baby")

    You look wonderful, by the way... :-)

  6. I know this is a lipstick post - but your brows are fabulous!

  7. Sarsaparilla,

    The Wet N' Wild Mega Last lipstick is really a surprisingly wonderful find! For years, I equated Wet N' Wild with cheap and poor quality and now I have eat my words! I am truly impressed with the quality and color of this lipstick. And yes, lol, the 911D shade is totally like if Glam and Ruby Woo had a baby! :)

  8. Clare,

    Thanks for the compliment! I have a great esthetician, named Gina, and she is just amazing for brows and skin! I need my brows re-tinted and waxed though. I have been relying on my MAC brow marker a lot lately since I have not had time for an appointment! I need to go!


  9. I'm just curious if you still use the Mac cherry lipliner when using this Wet N' Wild lipcolor.