Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Retro Red Lipstick Feature- Make Up For Ever

Red lipstick has been one of my makeup must-haves since I was in high school. I have tried many brands from Revlon to MAC and this is my very first lipstick by Make Up For Ever. I bought shade #205 (a true, blue-based red) at my local Sephora for $19.00 USD before tax. Color 205 is not only a cherry red with blue-pink undertones, it has a brightness that is better than MAC's Ruby Woo! I used to prefer true, slightly darker reds like MAC Russian Red or Nars' Red Lizard, but in the past year, I find myself gravitating towards brighter reds like #205, MAC's Lady Danger, and Nars' Heat Wave. Whenever I see vintage ads for red lipstick, the shades look brighter, more vibrant than most reds available today. Therefore, I have been on a lipstick quest to seek out more vintage-inspired colors and Make Up For Ever #205 totally "fits the bill."

When I brought my lipstick home, I promptly put it in my freezer for about an hour. After waiting, I put on a pair of rubber gloves and gently wiggled the frozen lipstick out of its modern, black plastic tube and then I popped the it into a clean, sterilized vintage metal tube:

Here is a swatch on the back of my hand. Notice the brightness and intense color!:

This is how #205 looks on my lips and face overall:

Not only is this lipstick beautiful, it feels very silky and smooth upon application. The color just glides on! After swiping my lips with this lipstick, I blot once with tissue, and apply MAC's lip pencil in Cherry or NYX's lip pencil in Hot Red. The lipstick stays 'true' and lasts for about a couple of hours. Also, the color did not turn pink or fuchsia at all. It just stayed a nice, cherry red!

So, if you are on the hunt for a bright red with vintage flair, give Make Up For Ever #205 lipstick a try!


  1. Thank you, Pixie! It is really a beautiful color and I recommend it for all cool-toned girls!

  2. I wish I could wear a red lipstick, but have just never found one that looks good on me. I am more of a coral sort of gal..if I wear it at all...

  3. Thanks for recommending this color, I will have to pick up. Especially since you are a natural redhead like me. I hate finding a color that I love everything about except the way it looks with my hair! So I've mostly stuck with the darker tones (Russian Red forever!) myself, but am always dreaming of a brighter color.

  4. Pixie,

    If you prefer coral tones, then MAC's So Chaud, Nars' Jungle Red, or Julie Hewett's Belle Noir might be more to your liking. These are indeed red shades but they have a warmer/coral undertone. Also, if you are afraid of red, sheerer texture reds like Nars' Manhunt or MAC's Lady Bug are good to try.

  5. Nicole,

    If you are a cooler toned redhead who loves red lipstick, #205 is a great color. If you are warmer-toned girl, than colors like MAC So Chaud or Lady Danger would be great. I am a neutral but I lean more on the cool side so I can get away with both cool, pinker reds and coral reds.

    As a redhead, one lipstick we vintage ginger girls must have in our makeup arsenal is MAC Lady Danger! It is a bright, warm red that is just to die for! Every time I wear it, ladies come up to me and ask what I am wearing. Another amazing shade is Nars' Heat Wave! I just ordered it from Neiman Marcus online and I cannot wait until it gets here!

  6. Thanks for the advice! I've been looking for an excuse to buy new lipstick, and I believe I just found one.

    Also, have you ever used Besame Cosemetics? I love the packaging and have used their foundation and powder with decent results, but have never tried their lipstick.

  7. Nicole,

    You are so welcome! I always seem to find an excuse to buy lipstick! Interesting, huh? lol!

    I love Besame Cosmetics powder and rouge. I wanted wanted to try their foundation but I have not done so yet. I am still finishing up my MAC Mineralize.

    As for the lipsticks, the Enchanting lipsticks are fabulous but so tiny! They retail for about $15.00 USD but I heard they are discontinuing them for their newer lipsticks which are larger in size, have a different formula, and also come with matching pencil and some weird-looking lipbrush. The new price is $35.00 USD.

    The original formula is intensely pigmented and the lipstick feels very luxurious on the lips. The product lasts a long time. I really like Besame's original formula but it is a shame the price was a bit high for a tiny lipstick (it is like 1/2 the size of a MAC lipstick bullet). Instead of bringing in a new formula that is not as rich and opaque in a larger tube, Besame should have kept the original in the gold tube and made it bigger!

  8. I love your brows. Can you tell me what products you use & do you have a blog for brows? Thanks!!!

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