Monday, July 26, 2010

My New "Middy Cut!"

On Friday, I had my long-awaited hair appointment with my stylist, Corry. Not only did I need to refreshen my hair color and blond highlight chunk, my hair's layers needed to be trimmed. As I posted previously, I had a Baby cut which is basically cut in 4 inch and 3 inch layers. My bangs were also cut 4 inches long.

During this last appointment, however, my hair was cut into a Middy which is 4 inches and 3 and 3/4 inches long. Like the Baby, the sides by the ears are 3 inches. My hair length is really not much different but the middle of the curved layer, my hair is 3/4 inch longer. However, unlike my previous salon visit, my bangs were trimmed only slightly with the intent to grow them two inches longer. I want to be able to do reverse rolls, pompadours, and faux bangs better. In my opinion, 4 inches is a little too short for the front.

Next time, I want to be able to do a slightly longer Middy Plus, with the center part of the layer being over 4 and 1/2 inches, maybe 4 and 3/4 or 5 inches. It is my goal to have a real Femme Fatale by the year's end.

Here is my hair on Saturday, the day after my cut:

I know, I look tired. Earlier in that day, I did a little yardwork outside and it got to be over 100 degrees! My poor plants were dying! Nevetheless, this style was done with a blow dry and curling iron the day before by my stylist. On Saturday, I simply applied a little dry shampoo and re-curled with my ceramic iron.

Here is another view of my hair today:

I am at my desk at work. Again, what's up with the tired look? Also, I am not liking me in MAC's Show Orchid. I think I look better in reds. Anyway, this style was done with pin curls on damp hair.

I am very happy I am finally "in the know" that having a proper vintage cut is vital for vintage styling! Also, my hair curls and holds a set so much better.

I am still having issues with pin curls on wet hair but I know I will get it eventually.


  1. Hair looking fab! I like it both ways, but especially pic one where your fringe is rolled forwards with the flower. Ace glasses too! I'm a sucker for cats eyes :)

  2. Thank you, Clare! I prefer the fringe rolled forward as well but today my fringe was 'in a strop' and just refused to cooperate. So, I pinned it in a couple of places. My hair is looking a bit "off" because this morning's pin curls on damp hair failed. I can do pin curls brilliantly when my hair is dry but if it is wet or damp, the result is bad. Frustrating!

    I love my 50s black cat eye glasses! I found those on eBay over a year ago for about 29.00 USD! They were never worn and even came in their original packaging (which I kept)! I had them fitted to my prescription and they still look and feel so new! I also have a couple of pairs of vintage cat eye sunglasses! Sadly, I recently had a lovely white pair break on me. One of the metal hinges literally snapped when I put them on! I wanted to cry!


  3. oh you look great ma lady..I could never accoplish those kinds of rolls and pincurls..I got the middy femme fatale longer version haircut about 2 months ago and i love it..posted it on my blog.always like my hair longer though sometimes too long,lol

  4. Thank you, La Dama! I love having my vintage haircut! It really helps with vintage styling so much! I want my hair longer so I am looking forward to having a Femme Fatale myself. I also want to be able to have enough length to do a ponytail on "lazy days."

    I just checked out your blog! I love it! I am a huge Moz fan too!


  5. Hello Lady Betty!

    I really love your style is very vintage! I am like you trying to achieve it but still having problems.

    I just recently got a middy haircut. My stylist followed the instructions of the pdf you provide here. According to her, all she needed to do was to get my hair the same length all over with lots of layers and in U shape at the back. She brought it down to 4.5 inches long.

    I pin curled it and still I do not seem to get any closer to the style. I wonder if my hair cut is just too short or if I am failing on pin curling correctly. Do you have any tips? Or idea if I may be missing something?