Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Thanks and Apprecation

This post is inspired yesterday's post discussing the level of "vintageness" in my life. I have really been touched by all your thoughts, comments, and support. I have also been enjoying you girls sharing a little bit of yourselves with me. Moreover, I have been learning so many great things from you girls! I mean everything from vintage haircuts, jewerly, hot rollers, sewing, knitting, makeup to housewares!

In the couple of months I have been blogging, I cannot tell you what a privilege it has been for me to meet you girls. It is amazing to know there are other vintage enthusiasts out there like myself. In a world of khaki pants, crocs, and blue jeans, it is such a comfort that not all is lost! We vintage girls decorate our homes in atomic flare, pin curl our hair, wear platform wedges, look gorgeous in red lipstick, lust after bakelite, dance to Rockabilly, and are always on the hunt for that perfect vintage dress (for a good price).

Again, I want to express my biggest thanks and appreciation to all of you!

Tara/Lady Betty


  1. Likewise! It's too bad we all live so far apart. I guess that is what weekenders are for?

  2. Rachelle,

    That is so true! I have never been to Viva or anything vintage culture-oriented. There is no scene here in DC. Baltimore is about two hours away and I hear they have a better scene. But nothing is like Vegas or California.

  3. How sweet!
    I'm new to the world of blogging, but so far it's been so nice to read your posts and the other ladies out there who are so inspiring.

    You must try to go to Viva sometime! I've been 11 times and it's never a disappointment! :)

  4. Thank you, Tara! I saw both of your blogs and they are great! I loved your post about your new kitten, Zsu Zsu! He is adorable!!! I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady (I have a persian) so I have a total soft spot for all things cat! I also loved your post about not being a gal in mom jeans! You go, girl!! My best friend (she has a 10 year old son) has the same philosophy. I am of the mindset that just because a girl is a mom it doesn't mean she has to no longer be a girly girl! Own it!

    As for Viva, I have never been. I was in Vegas in March and I went to the MAC store at Caesars and even the girls working there were all tattoo glam and a few were vintage girls! I was so inspired and excited!

    I should go to Viva for sure. The lack of events here in DC is really bad! lol


  5. I use to really enjoy Vegas but I think I lost interest about 2 VLVs ago when they waaay over-sold it. It was a mess! At some point the ballrooms were over crowded and they would not let anyone up or down the escalator. It sucked! I really miss the Gold Coast. The Orleans just doesn't have the right feel. Also, the Shifters CC car show, IMO, was best on top of the Gold Coast parking lot and when there were more cars than vendors. I skipped this past VLV, first time in a long time and I must admit, I did not miss it much as I thought I would. Although, I heard the kinks they had in 2009 were worked out. What was really fun was the first US Rave in 2008 in Vegas! That's where we celebrated my bachelorette party! It was sooooo fun. It reminded me of early VLV 1999/2000 when it was about the music more than the fashion, pinups and getting laid. It's a bummer that the 2009 US Rave was not as successful. Another great California show is Booze Broads & Hotrods in San Francisco, CA. It's my club, The Bombshells , show and we are going on our 13th year. It has really turned into the best rockabilly show in Northern California and is always one week after VLV if you are interested in attending. In the past we've had Carlos and the Bandidos, Jack Rabbit Slim, Kim Lenz & the Jaguars, Levi Dexter, etc. Check the website for info Also, I think this new Rhythm Rocker show in Long Beach, CA is going to be amazing. Similar to the US Rave but ends at 2AM due to the CA laws. I must say, I'd skip them all to go to High Rockabilly in Spain. I hear it's amazing.

  6. Rachelle,

    Wow! Thanks for the insights and thoughts! I have heard others say Viva has gotten "skanky" and how it's all about strippers and people hooking up. I guess it all depends. Maybe the crowd is changing because the organizers are losing sight of their original vision? I have also heard this happening to Love Parade and Burning Man.

    The events in CA sound like fun too. It is times like this that I realize that I live in the wrong place! The DC Metro is all about government, being yuppie, having the kids on the soccer team, wearing J. Crew, and fitting in. However, there is a smaller gang of cool hip indies in actual DC but they are not vintage. They are cool to vintage people like me but there is no real 'scene' to speak of. So, I guess I need to take a few trips.

  7. Both Tara and Rachelle are right about Viva (Tara's my best friend, and we've had many great times there!). Viva has gotten to be HUGE and its definitely not the same as when it was at the Gold Coast. However, they did work out most of the kinks this year and I had a great time. The car show is massive and IMO thats where all the skanky guys and girls go. Lol! The rest of the weekend they hang out in the casino. But I have never had a problem with any of the non Viva attendees. They just do their own thing. I spend my time on the dance floor. Even with how big its become and how much its changed its still a great event to go to and one I look forward to every year. It gives me a reason to wear all my super fancy dresses and hairstyles that I dont wear on a normal basis. Plus, by now I have so many friends from all over the world that I only get to see at Viva (who I mostly met there too). The US Rave was great but its sadly no more.

    As for the real reason of your post...I've loved blogging because everyone I've met on here is super positive and nice. I havent gotten any negativity, even when we have different views. Most of us dont have many people around us who really appreciate our love of vintage, so its nice to be able to share it here. Its always good to know that you arent crazy!! Lol

  8. Holly,

    As we all know, Viva or not, Vegas itself can be super fun or just skank city! lol When I was there in March for a 5 day business/vacay, my best friend and I saw this drunk chick practically in nothing stagger all over the casino floor of Planet Hollywood. All these 20-something dudes were just going nuts. Lame.

    Anyway, I love Vegas for shopping, people watching, and the FOOD! I made out like a Bandit at the MAC Pro store in Caesars and I felt like a crazy woman in the Sephora at the Venetian. If there was a 40s/50s-themed club to go dancing and to have drinks, I would be so there! I am not into the whole Tao, Wet, or Club Ra scene. Too many drunk Paris and Kardashian wannabes hanging out with Jersey Shore-esque chumps.

    I would love to go to a weekender to meet other vintage people, dance, have fun, and wear my 50s taffeta party dresses.

    And as for the real topic here, I agree that everyone of the vintage girls, like yourself, have been super nice and just simply amazing! Every girl has been a doll and I am so happy for it! I always try to be very positive and kind every day and one of the main things I cannot tolerate in life, is negativity and drama! There is too much of that already.

    And like you said, it is so wonderful to be able to meet like-minded gals! And yes, it feels good to know I am not the only one living the vintage life!


  9. I also really enjoy blogging! Its my window to the world. I work from home, so I'm in on my own all day. I'm usually flat out all day making stuff but some internet time is what I do when I take a break. I also don't have many friends (only 1!) who are into the scene (and she lives 200 miles away)so its great to read about others and what people are getting up to all over the world.
    As I've mentioned before - I live in a small town in Northern England, and I am the only rockabilly I have ever seen here! In Manchester (nearest big city) there are only about 30 people or so into the scene, but its all a bit clicky and I don't like that. Its nice to go to weekenders however to be with other like minded folks and really enjoy the music without being stared at like you are from Mars! I also love American culture, so its nice to see what all you US girls are up to. I'm also envious of your weather! UK weather is dire!
    I really want to go to Viva some time...its just sooooo expensive to get there from here! :)

  10. What a great blog! I love the positive responses, too.

    Just to throw my 2 cents about Viva in, I agree with TB on the fact that Viva worked out the kinks that Rachelle was complaining about. This year, the non-viva crowd that formed "tough guy ally" was not present after about 1:30 AM at the bars and in the casino. Also, If you are there to dance, there is no better dancing and there are more dance partners there than anywhere else I've been in the US. I ignore the skanks and hang out with people I know and see only once or twice a year. I had a blast this year and saw some great music. Looking forward to next year!

  11. Clare,

    I agree that blogging is such a great view of the world. So far, I have met girls from all of the US, the UK, and Australia. I am really enjoying it and blogging is a great way to keep up my writing skills.

    Like you, I feel like the lone vintage girl. Here in the DC Metro, I have yet so meet another vintage girl or guy. So, with this blog, I am not alone when it comes to my vintage interests!

  12. Thank you for your compliment and thoughts, Kim! I love Vegas and as a vintage girl, I think Viva has to be a must one of these years. I was in Vegas in March and I had such a good time. I have been there three times so far and I always get to do new things and go to different places. I think Vegas is going to have its "skanks" (lol) no matter what is going on. That is just the nature of the city. I, for one, would love to be able to wear my party dresses and dance. I also want to meet other vintage folks. I think that element alone would be a refreshing break from the stuffy DC crowd!