Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Vintage Poll With Questionnaire!

So, it's question time, girls! I am getting to know lots of you wonderful vintage gals and I would like to know:

1. What inspired you to go vintage?
2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?

Here are my answers:

1. I fell in love with vintage in the 7th grade. My sister worked for a vintage store in college and when she brought home her wares, I fell in love. Also, my dad always had loved and played big band and 50s music. I heard "Tuxedo Junction" and I was hooked. I continue to wear vintage for these reasons and now because vintage shapes and designs flatter me better than modern clothing.

2. I have been wearing vintage off and on since high school (I know I mentioned this and if I am repeating myself, I apologize!) and I have been in vintage daily for 4 years.

3. I will not be "all drama" about this one. My husband's family are awesome and supportive and/or they don't care really. My parents, however, get embarrassed when I wear vintage, especially when we go out in public. I have no idea why. You would think they would appreciate the fact I am wearing their "generation" but alas, no. I often "tone it down" when I go visit Mom and Dad. It is a little frustrating and confusing sometimes.

So, I would love to hear your stories and views!


  1. I have loved vintage for as long as I can remember. My dad was a young man in the 1940's aqnd shared alot of that life with me, so it just seemd natural to me.

    I have always had a vintage flair and have worn it off and on for my entire adult life.

    My family, my husband I should say, supports me. My son is embarrassed. My daughter thinks I am just nuts. The rest of my family never sees me, so not sure what they think (they are all the way over there, I am all the way over here!)I plan on going all vintage when we go back to the states, so we shall see.

  2. 1. What inspired you to go vintage?
    For me, I wouldn't really say that I've "gone vintage". I don't wear it everyday. I really only wear it when I go out dancing or to car shows or other events like that. But I have loved vintage for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I would spend ridiculous amounts of time in my Grandma's basement because that's where she kept old records and all her old dresses and purses. She had an old jukebox and old furniture too down there that I just thought were the greatest things ever.
    Tara, it's so funny what you said about your dad because when the vintage bug really got me is when my dad played in a big band! I'd go to his concerts and watch people get up and dance to 'In the Mood' and I wanted to learn how to dance SOO bad! So, then I went swing dancing and met people that were in to the same things as me, and it went from there.
    2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
    I've been collecting vintage items here and there and dressing in vintage clothes on and off since 1998.
    3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
    I don't know if they fully understand why I like vintage things so much, but yes they are completely supportive. They always call me or tell me when they hear about estate sales or when they find something I might like. And when I go out dancing they LOVE seeing me dressed up. When I come back from Vegas they can't wait to see all my pictures. And they especially love to watch and hear about all my dancing endeavors. :)
    My husband is not as into vintage things as me. He did own a '57 Bel Air that he adored, but as far as clothes and such, he just doesn't do it. He doesn't even like dancing! (Amazing we get along so well!) But we both always agree on furniture and things like that. He loves the retro style. And he's totally supportive of the stuff I'm into.

  3. I went vintage because I was tired of wearing my pajamas! As a housewife, I found myself waking up and not feeling the need to put myself together. I have always had a passion for historical fashions but wearing victorian corsets and gowns isn't very practical. The 40's-50's style is comfortable, classic and makes me feel pretty! :)
    I'm a vintage newbie! I mean, I always had vintage in my wardrobe...but more on accident! I had a 40's coat in high school, some 60's skirts and jewelry, that kind of thing. The real vintage obsession didn't begin until December of last year and I've been mad for vintage ever since. I wear vintage 24-7, down to my undies!
    My family and friends all support my love for vintage fashion and life. My grandma and great grandma really get a kick out of it because it brings back fond memories. They all love to see what I'll be wearing next or how I'll have my hair. My husband is a saint for putting up with me! He told me once that he loves to come home and see me in a house dress and not in my pajamas! He tags along to thrift store expeditions and listens to me ramble on about my next wish list item. He's not into retro or dressing up but he supports my style.

  4. 1. What inspired you to go vintage?
    I have loved pre 60s style, homewares and patterns as long as I can remember. I used to be more 60's inspired, but the last 4 years its been more strongly 50s. I also love Bauhaus and Deco styling. I love period architecture too. I did my dissertation on Frank Lloyd Wright - an amazing man...I digress..for me its not particularly about the clothes. (I actually prefer repro as I prefer the colors, patterns and fit of repro stuff.) I am massively into the music, and the whole atomic era of homestyle - oh and the cars of course!

    2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
    Ive been collecting things since I was a teenager. Much more so since I got my own house 7 years ago. I've been dressing rockabilly for about 4 years. I started doing my hair in vintage styles about 2 years ago.

    3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
    My family have always called me 'Time Warp'! I used to wear a lot of 60s wigs when I was in my early 20s, and now of course its all the 50s stuff. My parents dont particularly like my tattoos, but they don't hate then either! They like when I do my hair though. My Boyfriend likes it too - he isnt into the rockabilly thing at all, but will come along to the gigs and shows. He also loves the midcentury homestyling however, so its a green light to fill our home with vintage wares - yay!

  5. let's see...

    1. watching old black and white films when I was a teen and buying my first 1940's black dress in 1977 (I was 17).

    2. Since 1977 off and on.

    3. My husband is a great sport and had let me morph him into my very own rockabilly boy. For the first time in my life my mother wants to know where I buy my clothes/shoes ;) And my sister-in-law enjoys finding me treasures. I'm pretty lucky indeed!

  6. 1. What inspired you to go vintage?
    Hmm...I think it was all of the 'cookie-cutter' women I see in my little town. They all look like each other and some of them should nopt be wearing those clothes regardless of what "Oprah" says! Where is their self-respect? Style? Class? Propriety!!!!
    I actually have always like the 40's-50's since I was little, it so happens that now these styles fit my body better. I wear a little mix of today and yesterday, but moreso yesterday.
    2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
    Ooo..well, I have been living more "Little House on the Prairie since I married The Mister almost 30 years ago as we live in the country and always have lived hand to complaints from me, I love thrifting and he is plenty ok with that! But he does like my "June Cleaver" dressing as he calls it, mcuh sexier he says then dressing like Granny Clampett! (Yes, I love friend, the Divine Miss Em says it's a sickness!)
    3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
    Yes...The Mister likes it because it makes him remember simplier times, his folks are from that era and still like it. Our kids like it alot, our youngest son, wife and our daughter and hubby are into "rockabilly' and the oldest son just rolls with the long as mom and dad are happy, he's ok with it!! My mom and step dad don't see me much, but they love anything vintage, mom has a sweet '57 Chevy, a '31 Model A Coupe and under the tarp is a '31 Model A pickup that I have laid claim to...sure I'd like the Chevy....maybe if I remain the favorite child in their eyes (the odds are good!) greedy me can drive it soon!

  7. I'm gonna do these in a post on my blog!

  8. Thank you SO MUCH, girls! This is awesome! I find all your answers so interesting! I really appreciate this!!

    It seems like most of you have a good support network, even if a few friends and family members do not get it. lol

    As for me, the husband loves it and my friends are all supportive. My friends don't even think about it, they just know this is "Tara."

    However,my parents do not like it much and they really do not like my tattoos AT ALL. My mom wants me in a preppy cardigan with no tattoos showing. My dad gets worried when people stare at me. But, I am happy and that is all that matters!

    I just read Holly's blog, Temperamental Broad, and I loved her answer about how her vintage/tattoo look is classy and is helping to change the image of tattoos! I love that and I could not agree more! There are still people who think tattoo folks are on the same par with are rednecks, criminals, carnies, bikers, and outlaws! I also want to change that perspective! Tattooed vintage girls are classy, intelligent, kind, and wonderful!

    I also loved how Brittany says she is "vintage down to her undies!" I can totally relate! I wear bullet bras, Rago girdles, vintage slips, and even sleep in vintage nighties. If anyone needs vintage repro items, Secrets in Lace, has wonderful stuff! I prefer vintage for most things but I prefer repro when it comes to knickers.

    As for the poll:
    1. All of you have supportive husbands/significant others.
    2. All of you been fans of vintage for many years.
    3. Most of you have a supportive family, even if they "do not get it." (lol)

    Again, thank you girls so much! I hope all of you enjoy living the vintage life for many years to come! In the last few years, I have really come to realize that life is short and I am going to have fun and be me, no matter what!

    Hugs to all,


  9. By the daughter is a tattoo artist, sporting several of her own, and her husband, the two boys and their wife/girlfriend all have tats...The Mister use to cringe, especailly when daighter showed hers, but now, well he just keeps his trap closed about it and tells them he loves them lots :) He says regardless of them , he will be entering heaven 'old skool', i.e., no tats!
    But they are taking bets he will get one soon!!

  10. 1. What inspired you to go vintage?
    The fact that the clothing were flattering to my figure. In the early 80s, the materials used for clothes weren't the same quality. Vintage looked good on me and was much cheaper since I could find 40s and 50s clothing at thrift stores for $8-15 and pencil skirts for $3.
    2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
    I started wearing vintage clothes in the early 80s, but my weight fluctuated so much I would amass a wardrobe and then sell it when it didn't for furniture. I always loved vintage furnishings and decor, and focused on 20s-40s during the 90s but for the last 8 years have gradually been collecting more 50s kitsch items. We can't afford to just buy whatever I want when I want it, so I scour thrift shops, craigslist, yard sales and have gradually decorated our home. It is still an eclectic mix of vintage and modern pieces, but one day I hope to have the home of my dreams.
    3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
    My daughter who is 12 hates it. She thinks I am weird, but my 23 year old daughter thinks it's cool. My 9 year old son doesn't care, but he does think his mommy is pretty. My husband has always thought I looked most attractive when my hair, make up and clothing is vintage or vintage inspired. The rest of my family has varied opinions.