Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weird Cat Photo of the Day! B-Movie Monster Kitty!

Some how my 14 year-old fur baby ended looking like a B-movie creature in this photo! And to think all this time, I had a space alien monster living in my house! I guess she is just waiting for the right time to tell her race when to begin their invasion of Earth!


  1. Oh my goodness! CUUUUUUTEEE!!!! I love her beaming alien eyes.

  2. Thank you, Rachelle! She is me and the husband's "baby." She is 14 but you'd think she was 2 at times! She always has to be where we are and she even has her own place in our bed. According to her, our house is actually hers. In her mind, she just *allows* us to stay and pay her rent. lol!


  3. Aww she's adorable and I know how that can be with pets as children. I love that she allows you to pay the rent. Sounds a little like my Mookie. He's only a year old but he's already 9 lbs. He thinks he owns the house. When we get home, he lays in front of the door and we have to actually step OVER him to avoid stepping on him. He's such a brat. He also jumps up on the livingroom chairs and swats at us as we walk by. Last night he ran on to the bed and dove off after me trying to "get me!" I felt him grab at my leg then hit the floor. He follows us around the house and for as big as he is, he has the most girly little meow! It's pathetic but I adore him. My husband (not a cat person) deals with him rather well and is at the point now where he "likes" the cat but loves the dog (our 2 lb teacup chihuahua Lulu). Lulu is Daddy's girl for SURE and settles for me by sitting on my lap ONLY when my husband is not home. Otherwise, he belongs to her and I am just there for entertainment.

  4. Rachelle,

    I totally can relate about 'brat cats!' Misty will often stop on each stair of our house when I am trying to walk downstairs. I have to literally bump her with my foot to get her to move and even then, she will not go!

    So, your Mookie is only a year. That means he is still in the kitten stage. When cats get to be about 2, they "settle down." When you walk and he dives at you or swats when you walk by, he is treating you like his cat mommy. Kittens will play with each other and their own mommies this way. They will also dive on their mommy's head or attack her from behind, only to have mommy cat kick their butt and put them in their place. In the first couple years of life, kittens learn everything from their moms. They learn to play, hunt, and kill prey. Play can be practice for hunting and simply play.

    When Mookie lays himself at the door, he is submitting himself to you and telling you, "See I love you, you are in charge, now do not leave again!"

    Also, if he is jumping on things and you want to tell him no, a simple water bottle works wonders. It is not harmful to him and it is not mean. Cats do not respond to "NO!" But, if you gently squirt him with water (and he isn't looking) when he is naughty, he will associate an object or place with water (bad to cats) and he will learn.

    I grew up with a dog but my husband converted me to cats. He grew up with them and even raised Maine Coons. I would love a dog again one day but Misty would tell me no and I would have to heed her advice. Misty rules the house and she knows it. lol

  5. That is so funny!
    Sometimes when Zoey is sleeping on our bed with us and I need to get out, I will literally become some sort of Circ du Solei contortionist so as not to disturb her slumber. Heaven forbid she be awoken or bumped accidentally!
    Cats really do "Rule the Roost" don't they? They just allow us to be here to feed and pet them. :)

    Tara~ My husband LOVES Maine Coons. If we didn't have two already, I'm sure that's what we'd get next.

  6. Tara,

    I do the "Cirque du Soleil" move too! That is great way of describing it! Misty has to sleep on my side of the bed, right against me. If I try to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the "contortionist" move is even harder to do in the dark! lol If I bump her, she will sometimes jump off the bed and complain loudly.

    Maine Coons are so lovely, aren't they? My husband had two when he was in high school and college. Well, the cats lived at his parents' house. They were a mom and daughter pair and they weighed about 17 pounds each. Apparently, the males get to be an average of 20-25 pounds. They are like dog cats. They are big but they are super sweet and major lap fiends!

  7. We have four cats and each certainly has it's own personality. The black and white one has actually moved in woth the neighbours...he just never really got over Justin and I moving in with hubby.

    Two of our cats are having a 'bromance' and it cracks us up! Today, the older timmy was cleaning the ears of the youngest of our cats, Doody. I think Timmy just loves doody coz he doesn't beat him up every chance he gets like the others do!

  8. Pixie,

    That is cute and funny that your two of your cats are in a "bromance!"

    As for the one cat "moving over to the neighbors," because you moved in, I guess he did so because cats hate change. When I painted and recorated my house several years back, one my cats was so upset by all the changes that she just went wee all over the house. It was a nightmare. I hated coming home from the office and seeing and smelling wee! I took her to the vet and he suggested cat xanax! My cat was very stressed out. Eventually, she got better and adjusted.

    When my husband and his family moved when he was young, one of their cats ran away from the new home and was never seen again. One cat went missing for a week and yet, she came back.

    Like you said, cats have their own personalities for sure!