Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from a Little Hiatus

I have been away from the computer for about almost two weeks. I have been working, traveling, spending time with family, and dealing with the glass repair issue on my car. Now that I am back, I have lots of great posts and topics in the works. I have a vintage clothing store review on the way, a "vintage home part II" coming up, a post on bakelite, a lipstick review, a 'how-to-do Atomic/Eames era' tutorial for housewares, and a vintage hair update. I am looking forward to sharing all of this with you girls!

In my absence, I have missed writing and reading your comments. I truly enjoy the feedback from all of you! I especially enjoy hearing your insights and wisdom regarding all things vintage! I have been learning a lot! And for that I thank you, girls!

And without further ado, here come the new posts!

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