Friday, July 30, 2010

The Makeup Post-Beauty in The Daily Vintage Girl's Life

As a self-confessed makeup addict, I admit there are very few times when I am not wearing my standard red-lipstick look. During the work week, I will apply light-colored, nude eyeshadow (like MAC's Orb or Yogurt), mascara, eyebrow marker, foundation, blush, lipstick, powder. I will do a smoky eye (using MAC's Scene and Print shadows) or a cat eye liner look for special events like going out to a fancy dinner, evening wedding, or cocktail party.

During the weekends, however, I keep it basic. I wear just mascara, SPF 15 MAC Mineralize, blush, lipstick, and powder. No matter what the day holds, casual or elegant, I always wear the basics and red lipstick! If my skin was not blotchy (I have early signs of Rosacea and some acne), I would just wear mascara, powder, and lipstick on the weekends. I know it sounds silly but I cannot go without my red lips! It just doesn't "feel" right. However, if I am running or working out, then no makeup for this gal. Not even red lipstick. I will just wear a tinted lip balm like Korres. If I am running outside on a sunny day, I will put on my pink Nike baseball hat and some high SPF like Waterbabies. But I have seen ladies at my gym working up a good sweat wearing full makeup! How does their skin breathe?!

When I go to my in-laws pool, to the beach, or ski in Colorado, I will put on a SPF or SPF foundation, waterproof mascara, and red matte lipstick. That is it! MAC Mineralize or NYC Color Pressed Powder Foundation SPF 12 for ski days are wonderful. When it comes to the beach or the pool, I will put on Waterbabies sun block and a thin veil of NYC Color SPF foundation using a MAC 150 brush. The foundation powder gives me a nice veil of color that evens out my skintone and covers any acne or Rosacea. It also maintains the SPF on my skin. If I will be in the water a lot, I will skip the mascara altogether and just wear my matte lips!

And, as always, I always take off my makeup and wash my face before going to bed. I use Pond's Cold Cream first and then wash my face with my cleanser. Pond's is the best and it is super cheap! I once read the official makeup and beauty regime for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPL) and one of the instructions stated that the girls should use their cold cream to remove any makeup and grime and then tissue off. Afterwards, they used soap and water to remove any traces of cream.

So, how often do you wear makeup and do you have varying degrees of makeup application?


  1. I will admit I am a make up whore. I wear a full face every time I put on my face. That includes foundation, powder blush, eyebrows, eyeliner, false lashes, mascara...etc. The only thing I vary, is my eyeshadow which will be lighter more natural colors, to brighter colors, depending on what I'm wearing and where I am going. I also wear Red lipstick, unless I am going some place conservative like a job interview, or now, when I go to my new "proper" job that starts next week. I have about 2 days a week I don't wear make up, but with the proper job that might drop to one day a week since I will keep working at the Vintage shop one day a week. I take my make up off at night with wet make up remover wipes and wash my face with deep poor cleanser by Neutrogena.

  2. I love that phrase "makeup whore!" lol! Awesome! I can relate!

    Even though I work for a government contractor firm here in the DC area, I do not have to wear the typical professional, white collar look. I am a technical writer so I can wear pretty much what I want since I do not meet clients and agency people much. But when I do, I put the hair in a professional style, put on pearls, tone down the red lips by wearing a Chanel peach shade, and I wear a black business suit. I hate it when I have to dress government style but I am lucky it is on a rare occasion.

  3. I wear makeup everytime I leave the house.
    If I am having a "off" relaxation day I usually try and stay fresh faced to give my skin a break from cosmetics & facial products.

    My daily makeup includes:
    - Cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer
    - Physicians formula loose translucent powder.
    - Rimmel black eyeliner
    - Mascara
    - (Sometimes) Lipstick only when I don't do dark eye makeup.
    (Sometimes) Eyeshadow
    (Sometimes) (Physicians formula bronzer (I am very light complected right now in the summer my face has some color but in winter I can sometimes look like Casper the friendly ghost.)
    My neighbor has even called me Pale face?!! LOL

    I used to wear liquid foundation daily but have stopped since maybe Feb of this year. I found when I was wearing it I would tend to get more blemishes. Only using powders seems to work alot better for my skin.

    I am still on search for a great bedtime cleansing routine, right now I just keep switching what I am using whenever it's out.

  4. I'm a make-up addict too, except at work, lol. I get up too early and care too little. Which makes it funny when I do wear make-up and everyone tells me how great I look with eyeliner, as though I am just trying it for the first time!

    I use avocado oil as a moisturizer and make-up remover. It is natural, gentle, and even though I am acne-prone, I have had no problems with it.

    When I do wear make-up, I wear foundation, finishing powder, cover-up (under eye, thanks Italian genes),bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil and powder, highlighting pencil, black eyeliner and mascara, and a lip treatment of some kind. I will sometimes do a primer and shadow. So yeah, not light when I do it.

    I work in HRIS, so mostly only my co-workers see me, but I work 10 hour days and don't care how I look after hour 5 or so (I know, that's a bad attitude). I guess it helps that I am the youngest in my department and stand out because of my tattoos, don't need much else, lol.

  5. I love it when I wear make up but since I've worked at home, I wear it less, this helps as I'm broke so I can keep my good stuff for when I'm seen! When I worked outside my home it was full make up every day, I do feel so much better wearing full make up, when I worked in a more corporate job I didn't wear the red lips but not far off shade wise and some months later a colleague said I love that you wear red lipstick every day ha ha!

    I don't feel like me without make up, but then I feel weird making up fully to go and sit in my home office on my own!

  6. When Im not going out and working in all day - no makeup at all. Let my skin breathe!
    When I'm trading at a show, going to a weekender or gig - its full on slap!
    I love mineral foundation as its great for my sensitive skin. I use Benefit concealer, blusher, eyebrow wax & powder, eyeliner and mascara and MAC or Clinque eyeshadow. Red lippy to finish and Im good to go :)

  7. I always wear makeup! Always!!! lol
    Even if I'm just going out to the mailbox, I'll have makeup on. I just don't feel right without it.
    My husband confessed to me that when he and his friends first met me at church, they thought I was on the risque side or that I had "been around" because of all the makeup I wore! lol. I thought that was funny because I was then and have pretty much always been a good girl!
    Anyway, I wear foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara and some sort of lipstick/gloss pretty much every day.
    I blame (in a good way) my mom. She always wore makeup and never, ever left the house without it. She always encouraged me to wear it just because she liked it so much. She is the ultimate girly girl, so I'm definitely my mother's daughter in that respect. :)

  8. Thank you, girls, for your comments! I really appreciate you sharing your different routines with me! This weekend, the husband and I mostly "bummed around the house." I ran both Saturday and Sunday, did laundry, and made a little brunch for two yesterday. I wore a snood, red lips, a little foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and blush. I did not feel up to doing my hair so I just did a pompadour in the front and put the rest in a snood. But when I ran, it was just an old tee, capri workout pants, and running shoes. Again, I am amazed whenever I see girls wearing makeup at the gym! Why?

    Today, I am at the office and I have on a red snood (feeling lazy today), Nars Jungle Red lipstick, nude shadows, eyebrow marker by MAC, MAC blush in Fleur Power, MAC contour powder, Mineralize foundation in NW15, Coty loose powder, and MAC Opulash mascara.