Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Cat Post- Time for Bed!

This post is inspired by the cat comments today! I am truly enjoying your cat stories! I also love talking to other cat/pet people like myself. Not only am I a vintage nut, I am a crazy cat lady as well.

I am the proud "human mommy" to my furbaby, Misty, a 14 year-old blue cream persian. I think she is just 'a sweetie with a touch of brat' but she will correct me and say she is actually a "highly-regarded sushi expert, professional bed hog, and all-around queen bee of the world."

Here is Misty at bed time, telling me to move:

After getting her special spot on the bed, it is time to say goodnight (so sorry I am not wearing makeup in this one! Barf!):

Misty says, "Turn off the lights! I am done with you people for today! Until tomorrow! Good night, please!"

And tomorrow, Misty will begin yet another hectic day of basking in sunbeams and controlling foot traffic on the stairs.


  1. Misty is sooo cute! I just love Persians and that expression that is always on their face. <3

  2. Thanks! I love persians' faces too! They look like little furry "Chester A. Athurs" or "Pringles men!" Persians are the sweetest cats but people tend to think they look mean! And they are far from it! Misty is picky about her surroundings, especially in our bed, but overall, she just loves to talk and be loved.

  3. I know this post is super old, but I was catching up on your blog and stumbled upon this.

    You look great without makeup!! Don't say barf! Don't get me wrong, your makeup skills are amazing, but in the picture above, you look happy and relaxed.

    With or without, you look great!