Thursday, June 10, 2010

Body Art!

This post celebrates all the girls out there, vintage or not, who have tattoos, ie body art! Most of my art was done by the late, Kauri Tiyme, who was based out of Denver, Colorado. Sadly, Kauri was taken from this earth in October 2008, yet her energy and powerful lifeforce lives on in all of my tattoos. I am so blessed to have known Kauri as my artist and friend.

All of the following pictures show tattoos done my Kauri.

Sitting on my left hip, showing the right side showing some of Kauri's work:

Sitting on my right hip, showing the left side:

Here is only part of the detail from the cherry blossom and snowflake design on my left arm:

Here are two close-ups of the hibiscus, frangipani, and orchid design on my right shoulder and upper arm:

Here is an upclose look at the Colorado Columbine on my right ankle:

Here is the floral design Kauri repaired (sadly, the previous design I had was done terribly by another artist):

Like I said before, I am lucky to have Kauri Tiyme art on my skin. It reminds me that she is always going to be a part of me forever.


  1. Very beautiful! I can see why you waited for Kuari to tattoo you!

    I also have an orange hibiscus on my shoulder (left) as well as a few cherry blossoms.

  2. Thank you so much, Nicole! Yes, Kauri was truly an amazing talent! Whenever I visited Colorado, whether for business or ski, I also visited Kauri's studio to get more pieces done.

    I would love to see your hibiscus! I bet it's lovely! The hibiscus is my favorite flower.

  3. Thanks, Atomic Mama! Those pictures were taken in November 2008, back when I was a blonde (with black underneath!) I am a redhead again but I miss being blonde sometimes. I cannot believe how thick my hair looks in these pics! I have been tempted to go blonde again several times but it so hard on my hair and upkeep is expensive!