Friday, June 25, 2010

My Vintage Closet

This is a partial view of my closet. The other side, to the right, is the husband's side. Even though my side is getting pretty stuffed, I always seem to want more clothes! Maybe I can convince my husband to move to another closet that way I 'have to' fill up the other side! Lol!

Here is another view, showing the floor. Again, the husband's wares are to the right. Yet, I can now see one of my crinolines on the floor on the right. It looks like I am taking over!

You can also see my ski boots. Even though it is not ski season, I cannot bear to put them in the basement in our storage area. I think I like seeing them every day because they remind me of my beloved Colorado mountains.

Another funny thing, when I was taking this, my persian cat was sleeping in a hidden spot out of view. As of late, the cat likes to snooze on top my winter scarves and ski sweaters.


  1. lol, you sound just like me! I have my side of the closet too! My side tends to creep over to hubby's side every once in a while. He refuses to let me buy clothes if I don't have I make room!! I fold skirts and they go on the shelf. I got 3 plastic drawers that go on the floor of the closet for knits, cardigans and camisoles, then dresses and blouses get hung up. A shoe organizer on both sides of my closet doors hold shoes...and a separate dresser is for undies and pajamas. If his rule is, I have to have room...I MAKE room! *lol*

  2. That is too funny, Brittany! Also, folding skirts is a great idea! I will have to do that for sure! The plastic bin idea is good too. I keep my shoes in their original boxes and they take up most of my shelf space so buying some drawers or bins at Target is going to be needed!