Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Pic of the Day

This is my mom in 1969. My sister would have more than likely been 1 year old at the time and I was 6 years away! For as long as I can recall, my mother has always been the epitome of classic grace, poise, and independence. I used to love raiding her closet when I was in high school. I remember Mom had this pair of chic black and white heels that were just to die for. Before I got my first job, I would often sneak my mom's high heels into my bag before I went to school. I wore 'regular kid shoes' when I got on the bus but as soon as I arrived at school, I put on my mom's heels and wore them all day until I got back on the bus to go home.

When I starting making my own money, I would spent it on clothes and shoes! One of the first pair of high heels I ever bought were a pair of black suede platform heels from Sam and Libby. In 1992, at age 17, I read an article in Glamour magazine that stated one of the fall season's must-haves were platform heels. Like most things fashion, the whole platform thing ended up being a short-lived craze. Nevetheless, I wore those shoes until they fell apart!

Like most vintage girls, I adore heels! Despite the fashion trends, high heels, especially platform heels, are classic and timeless (and they made our legs look amazing!) Heels go well with most outfits and having at least four pairs in our wardrobe is always a good investment.

I will always be inspired by my mother's timeless style! Lastly, I have to give thanks to her for my shoe obsession! Thank you, Mommy!

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